A blind man’s aid dog was removed from him due to it being considered “too overweight.”

Roger Debman, from Anfield has a golden retriever to guide his the dog Peter to follow him about after an accident that left him blind.

But, after determining Peter is “extremely overweight,” the Guide Dogs charity has placed Peter in foster care to allow him to start a rigorous weight-loss program.

If his wife does not comply his request, he issues an order to warn her. Booster Shot by Covid “It’s had a disastrous effect on me and my health in general,” Mr. Debman said at the age of 60. I’m not as confident about going out however, with Peter I would go to the pub, here and everywhere. Peter was a rock to me.

“For an extended period of time the animal has maintained a weight between 49 and 49.5 kilograms. I can tell when an animal is obese or not, because I can tell what I’m looking at and he’s not. He’s slightly larger than the average dog, but he’s still in excellent shape.

“I upped his activity, and a wonderful neighbor took us to Crosby Beach twice a week, where we saw him sprinting and climbing sand dunes, and there is no way he is overweight.”

“I’ve suffered two heart attacks and a stroke,” he said. The stoke’s effect was on two areas of my brain that is my vision as well as my personality.

“I can no longer deal with stress or confrontation because of my personality.” Because of my sight issue I only see through the right eye on the left.” Mr Debman has recently lost his guide dog the black labrador Nevin The removal of his five-year-old Peter who was something he reluctantly accepted have hurt him extremely deeply.

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He claimed he’s been overwhelmed by the amount of support he’s received after posting about his disagreement with the group through social networks.

“We want to develop long-lasting and successful guide dog partnerships, and this is ultimately what we hope to achieve for Mr Debman and Peter,” said Guide Dogs chief veterinary officer Tim Davies.

“We recognize this is a difficult circumstance, however we temporarily placed Peter with a fosterer with Mr Debman’s permission.”