Starbucks trolling Taylor Swift fans with a single, cryptic tweet

Starbucks responded with acryptic tweet about a possible collaboration with Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has been making waves online since the surprise unveiling of “All Too Well”‘s short video.

Swift made it happen when she posted a video to her Instagram about why she loves fall and mentioned Starbucks.

Swift explained that it was a film reenactment from my Tumblr article about fall. It was “It’s Red Season,” the official account said. Some speculated it was a reference Swift’s upcoming Red (Taylor’s Version) album.

Others were puzzled by the “messing” account’s behavior with its followers. In reference to the festivities, the poster cited the “red cup” several times. Although the cups have been around for some time, they now feature a Christmas pattern. However, the cups sparked theological debate for first time in 2015.

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Jeffrey Fields, Starbucks vice president of design & content, stated in a statement that “In the past we have told stories with our holiday cup designs.” He also said, “This year we wanted to usher the holidays with a design which welcomes all our stories.” Swift fans believe that Swift’s latest reference to the mug is an Easter egg. Although the company has made many changes to the mugs over the years, Swift fans remain confident.

People have been busy putting together pieces of information in an effort to understand what is going on. This is a simplified version of the information.