Adam Charles Lusk, from Perth, Western Australia, is officially charged with sexually assaulting and drugging two women he met through an online sugar daddy site – but the allegations against him could extend much further.

The 43-year old is said to have sneaked ketamine into drinks of the two victims, who are aged 28 and 23, before assaulting them sexually, Perth Magistrates Court was informed on Friday.

Prosecutors say police took the defendant’s cellphone and found footage of another 20 unconscious women whom they also claimed were assaulted.

Lusk was detained earlier this month and was charged for three charges of sexual assault without consent, as well as 2 charges of bafflefying in connection with.

The West Australian reported he found the first girl on a sugar daddy’s site in April last year . This was before the two began sexual sex that was consensual.

Police say the two went to Joe’s Juice Bar and when the woman entered the bathroom, Lusk put ketamine in her drink on the 21st of May.

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The woman started losing consciousness, before going to sleep and later waking to Lusk assaulting her in the Burswood home the court was told.

“Stop hurting me,” the woman was said to have said to Lusk.

The court also was informed that Lusk was willing to pay the woman $350 for her to take her to an eatery on December 19.

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According to the police report The two then returned to Lusk’s Ascot home, where Lusk was seen snorting white powder prior to making the woman an alcoholic drinks in the kitchen.

The woman states that she began to lose her memory, and she recalled having a sleepover with Lusk in which he joked about what he’d done.