Teen Asks Elon Musk to Pay $50K to End Twitter Account

An Elon Musk follower has tweeted that he has offered to pay a teen $5,000 to take down an app that tracks his private jet. But the teen refused, arguing that $5,000 was not enough money. Musk told the aspiring hacker that he would consider his counter-offer and would not pay the teen until he was sure he would be able to do so without having to be shot by a nutcase.

A teen who follows Elon Musk’s private jet has shared a screenshot of a conversation with the billionaire. Sweeney created the ElonJet Twitter account and has over one hundred thousand followers. He used a bot to track the plane’s flight location and tweeted the flight duration. He has also made over a dozen similar flight bot accounts that track the travels of high-profile tech titans.

Teen Asks Elon Musk to Pay $50K to End Twitter Account

After a Twitter exchange, Musk offered Sweeney $5,000 to shut down the account, but the teen responded with a counter-offer of $50k. But he has not heard back from Musk yet. The teen has since been banned from the Twitter account and hasn’t received any payment. In response to the teen’s tweets, Musk has not yet responded.

Musk also offered to pay Sweeney to shut down the app, and he explained the process to Sweeney on Twitter. The teen outlined how to find publicly available data on the private jet of famous people. Then he developed an algorithm to automatically tweet updates about the flight. The algorithm posted the tweet on Twitter to alert followers and a public forum.

Musk’s message was directed to a teen named Jack Sweeney, who operates 15-flight-tracking accounts. The teen’s account is claiming that he has ten times more followers than Musk. This is a scandal. While a teen may have a legitimate grievance against a celebrity, it’s unlikely that anyone will be killed in the first place.

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The teen’s response was a surprise. He offered to pay the teen five thousand dollars to get the app removed. The millennial replied that he would not accept the payment. Instead, he offered to give him $50k for shutting down his account. And then he was able to do so by accepting the offer. Now, Musk is making it harder for anyone to track his private jet.