On his new song, YUNGBLUD unleashes his innermost insecurities. In the music video, Ozzy hosts his own funeral and runs over YUNGBLUD. Fans can expect some new music from YUNGBLUD very soon, as his last studio album was released in 2020. The song was co-written with Ozzy Osbourne and features some of the legendary Ozzy’s voice.

YUNGBLUD’s debut album ‘Weird!’ will be released in December 2020, and the multi-instrumentalist recently started teasing new material on social media. The rapper also deleted his social media accounts and profile pictures. But despite his recent actions, he has remained secretive. He has not answered the question of how fans will find out what’s next for the artist.

The multi-instrumentalist is currently working on his follow-up album, ‘Weird! ‘, due out in December 2020. Before he began teasing fans, YUNGBLUD’s social media accounts were completely wiped. His profile pictures were also removed. The singer has also started a podcast for younger music lovers. This podcast explores topics affecting the youth of today.

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YUNGBLUD’s new song ‘Funeral’ is a self-reflective piece of work. The singer has been preaching the importance of being ‘unapologetically yourself’ on social media. The singer’s music is “meant for the soul,” and he wants to take it with him to the grave.

YUNGBLUD’s new song Funeral starts with a caption that says RSVP. He wants to be able to reach out to his fans’ hearts. It was written about the pain of love and heartbreak, and it’s a love letter for those who have lost someone. ‘Funeral’ is the first word in his lyrics. It starts with the words ‘Rescue your heart’ and ‘It’s Funeral’.

Insecurities are natural. It’s normal to feel insecure and doubtful about one’s capabilities. YUNGBLUD’s new track ‘Funeral’ is a very personal piece. ‘Funeral’ is the song’s title, and it hints at a long-term relationship. The rapper’s heartache is so painful, it makes him feel guilty.

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