Buttercupcheerup official image in hd 2021

A secret pantry hidden in a house that house hunter was looking at was so amazing, she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was accessible only by walking a plank.

Buttercupcheerup, an online woman, uploaded a TikTok video and shared the secret feature with her followers.

Slick, a man who claims to be her partner online, pulls down on the ceiling handle to reveal what looks like a drawbridge above a staircase.

A wooden structure creates a walkway and an automatic light reveals a fully stocked pantry that has been built into what appears like eaves storage.

The potential buyer enters the beautifully designed pantry. After looking around, Buttercupcheerup said they made an offer, but were outbid by another.

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Since being shared last week by Buttercupcheerup, the clip has been shared more than 3,000,000 times. Buttercupcheerup also praised the design, calling it “the most coolest yet.”


One of several offers we’ve made. This was the coolest so far. #walktheplank #hiddenpantry

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She also mentioned the hashtags “walking the plank” & “hidden pantry”, and said that this was “one of many houses we’ve seen.” We made an offer, but it didn’t come through.

Many people have commented on the video, trying to figure out the layout of this house. Buttercupcheerup confirmed that it is not the attic space contrary to popular belief.

She explained that it was “Under the stairs which go upstairs.” This is the middle of the house. It wasn’t in the attic. The temperature was controlled. The guy only had one badass feature.”

She stated that it was near the kitchen. This is after many people thought it would be difficult to trek to the secret pantry for ingredients while cooking every meal.

It wouldn’t be necessary to do it constantly. Plenty of pantry and kitchen storage was available. She explained that this was hidden storage for non-everyday products.

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