Manga Review: One Piece 1.018

One Piece Chapter 1018 focuses on Jinbei vs Who’s Who. One Piece fans were captivated by the amount of information that Who’s the mouth shared during this battle.

Who’s who has an interesting fact about Nika, the Sun God. Nika was in prison at the time Who’s Who first mentioned his name.

A prison warden shared the story about Nika, also known as the warden, who was a legend who would save slaves in the future. Nika is a warrior figure that will smile and save everyone.

Manga Review

Eiichiro Oda created Nika as a laughing human figure, carrying a spear and a sword. Nika’s silhouette is very similar to Luffy’s hundreds of years ago. This was evident in the Skypiea Arc.

Two silhouettes of Luffy look very similar to Nika. One is when Luffy is with wild animals in Skypiea’s forest and the other when Luffy is with Skypiea residents celebrating Enel’s victory.

Luffy appears to be laughing in the silhouettes. Luffy’s mouth is open wide in both. This is the same part of Luffy’s mouth as Nika’s silhouette in Chapter 1018.

There are many theories that Nika is Joy Boy. Many people mention that Luffy is a Joy Boy character in the future.

This chapter does not answer the question of who Nika is.

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Jinbei was also asked by Who’s Who if he heard the Nika story.

Jinbei was asked the question because fish-men are closely associated with the sun. Slaves are also a part of the Sun Pirates. In the past, many fishermen were made slaves by governments around the world.

Jinbei seems to be uninterested in answering the Who’s Who questions and prefers to concentrate on the fight.

Jinbei was able to match Who’s strength. Jinbei’s Ougi-Onigawara Sken, which instantly makes Who’s Who crash, is launched at the end.