Why You Should Not Turn Off Xbox One Controllers by Yourself

So, I have had Xbox One Controller about two months now, and I have never once had a problem with it, yet. But that could be because I am not an electronics freak. I am, however, an IT guy who happens to dabble in gaming technology – so maybe I am different.

A few days ago, I was having problems with my Xbox One Controller, so I went online to see if I could troubleshoot it on my own. I know that I should turn off the Xbox One Controller first before I start troubleshooting, but I forgot. So, here is what happened: I was in the middle of playing a game and pressed the bumper button to trigger an explosion. The screen went black for a second or so, then turned back on. After I turned it back off, the Xbox One Controllers light turned on, and a yellow led light was showing behind the controller, right next to the USB ports.

So, I thought that the controller was dead and tried to turn it back on. It did work for a short while but then just stopped working, like it always does when I am in the middle of something and do not want to get up and leave, so I kept on playing. Then, about a week ago, the lights came on again, this time blue. I looked at my motherboard to see why I was getting such weird errors, then I realized that I had a thermal break down.

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I already knew that the wires were shorted, because I had taken the plastic protective covering off the console just a few weeks ago. I also knew that the wires to the console were in good shape, but when I looked further into the console, the wires to the Xbox one controller were actually bent, in a very bad way. When you put the controller into the computer, you should always pay attention to the wires. If they are bent, you need to turn off your console, and if you cannot turn off your console, you need to take it to a Xbox repair shop.

I took my Xbox one controllers for a scan with my repair tech, and she found that there was a low-resistance wire missing. She had to make sure I did not accidentally purchase another Xbox 360 controller, since she also had a spare. The led light on the console was still on, so I know that I have not misplaced my controller. This means that it is probably not lost, and that I can just put the led light on to make sure that I am not losing it, because it really looks pretty, like an original Xbox one controller.

However, the led light on the Xbox one controller may not be the only thing that is bent. There are two wires, or more, that connect the controller to the console. One has a ground wire, and one has a battery wire. Usually when I take off the controller, I find that the ground wire is shorter, but I have also found that it can be shorted or broken.

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Based on my research, it seems like this problem only becomes a problem when the wires are loose or are long enough that they are starting to rub against each other. This would explain why there are so many people that have bent wires. If the controller did not come with a warranty, you should take it to the authorized Microsoft service center for exchange or a refund. But based on my research, I think that the odds of this happening are pretty low. And if it did happen, I am pretty sure that you can turn off Xbox One controllers by yourself in about 9 days.

But the real reason that I recommend you turn off your Xbox One controller is that it will keep your entertainment system from overheating. As you know, televisions heat up faster than most any other device because they are basically an advanced form of refrigerant. What this means is that they draw way more energy than a traditional appliance that uses air. Just the heat draw of one of these controllers can cause your Xbox One to overheat.