How To Clean An Xbox One Controller?

Are you worried about how to clean an Xbox one for those annoying dust particles that keep sticking to the inside of your console? Well you don’t have to be! The fact is that there are many things that can be done to make your X Box one very easy to clean without having to buy special tools or solutions. Keep reading to find out more.

To begin with, let us start with how to clean Xbox one controllers. This is a very important step as cracked, dirty, or dusty controllers can lead to a sticky and potentially harmful game play experience. To clean Xbox one controllers, you should first remove all covers, accessories, and packaging that have come attached to the console. If you currently have other gaming devices which also require a deep clean, then do read on how to clean Xbox one controllers for optimal performance.

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Now that you have taken off your Xbox one controller, you should clean the surfaces underneath. You can use compressed air to clean these spots, but it is highly recommended you use a good microfibre cloth or sponge to do this job as the compressed air can make the dirt came out faster than if you were to clean with a damp cloth or sponge. After you have removed all of the dust using compressed air, you should rinse the controller with a clean and soft microfibre cloth. Be very careful when rinsing the controller as the dirt from the lubricant can get trapped in the fabric of the microfibre cloth and you will have a tough time removing the dirt when you try to remove it later.

When cleaning your Xbox one controller, never ever spray the dirt to the air like you would spray a car with brake fluid when your car is dirty. This can damage the internal parts of your Xbox controller. To avoid damage to your Xbox one controller, simply use a damp towel or clean cloth to gently wipe the dirt away. This simple method of cleaning can save you the cost of replacing your Xbox controller.

Another thing you should keep in mind while cleaning your Xbox one controller is never to spray the dirt directly at the screen. The dirt gets teleported into the circuit board and can actually disable your Xbox one controller before you are able to see it! Always clean the screen in a back-up manner first. Spray the screen with a microfibre cloth. If you accidentally break the screen, you can easily replace it using the same clean cloth.

Once you are done cleaning your Xbox one controller, you should close the casing and remove the battery. Next you should put the microfiber cloth inside the casing. After that you should wipe off the excess dirt by rubbing it with the microfiber cloth. Do not clean the screws of your X-box one controller while it is on because it can damage it permanently.

Before going to bed, you can clean your Xbox one thoroughly by placing it inside the dark room and closing the windows. You can also clean it on a weekend when the sun is not shining too hard. This way you will be able to get the most out of your Xbox one cleaning sessions. When your X-box one is in the deep clean (deep-clean) mode, you should open up the casing of your X-box one controller and carefully scoop out the dust. Make sure you do not miss any spots.

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For additional anti-bacterial clean up, you can spray the controller with a hose. Then make sure to let it dry for some time. After that, you can put the new one into your X-box one controller case and replace the battery so that your X-box one can be ready for more gaming.