Quick Tips to Improve Your Android Phone's Battery Life

As compared to all other mobile phone android phones; your android battery tends to charge much longer, thus you should always follow some basic battery charging tips for Android handsets that ensure your battery’s life long. So, just look at the following battery charging tips for Android iPhones and find out what they can do to extend your battery life. Remember that all these tips will help you even if your battery is not dead! However, if your battery is dead you should look for some quick fixes. In case your battery is still alive, these suggestions may help you prolong its life for some more time.


Hold down the power button on your smartphone when you are not using it. Turn off the device only when you are about to turn it on or after 10 minutes of its use. This is one of the most common and easy battery life tips for all devices running on the Android OS. You may want to do this because it ensures that there won’t be any sudden changes in the levels of the battery power. Your device will remain charged and will remain operational for a longer period of time.

Your Android smartphone can have a lot of apps installed on it. Many of these apps can easily drain the power of your battery. To ensure that this does not happen, you should do a quick cleaning. Just make a manual backup of all the important files and apps in your device before starting the cleaning process, and use an additional battery charging cable while continuing with the process.

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When your android battery charging level goes down, the normal tendency is that you will stop charging your handset. What you should do instead is to charge the handset while you are still connected to the network. You can follow any of the battery charging tips for android phones that will ensure that the battery level goes up again. This process will ensure that your battery does not suffer from drainage. You will just have to make a few minor changes in the settings of the handset.


One of the best battery-saving tips for all smartphones operating on the Android OS is to leave the airplane mode on. The airplane mode allows you to enjoy a better battery life even if you are on the go. You can also increase the memory of your device by installing more apps, thereby utilizing more power. You can also increase the amount of memory of the device if you have gotten an older version of the smartphone. The older versions of the devices work on lesser memory resources, which makes them run slow when it comes to streaming large movies or playing heavy graphics-intensive apps.


If your battery level goes down very fast, you should use the Google Now Launcher app. This is one of the most downloaded apps and it is available free of cost on Google Play. If you launch this app on your device, then you will be able to see much useful information on your screen including the time and date, the weather, the location as well as the battery level. You can also set the Now Launcher to provide you with the latest news and information on your battery life, so that you do not have to look around for a specific solution.

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You can also use some of the built-in apps in your smartphone charging apparatus to help you save battery life of your smartphone. For example, if you have read a blog on your smartphone, you can download the WordPress Battery Widget, which will provide you with the option to turn off the WiFi automatically after a certain amount of time or the GPS accessibility to certain locations. In this way, the battery level goes down gradually without you manually switching it off.

The last among the few tips mentioned here, you should also be able to avoid one go weak charging your smartphone. Whenever you recharge your handset, it takes up to seven hours to finish charging. You will never be able to enjoy your leisure if you have to wait for such an extra long time when you are in need of a replacement. If you are tired of wasting battery charging power, try to put off recharging whenever possible. Even if you cannot resist the temptation when you are in a hurry, do not do so in the seventh hour. You might be surprised by the fact that your device will still work even with a heavily drained battery!