Why Web3 companies are partnering with the Open Metaverse Alliance to develop a common standard for the world of virtual reality. Web3 companies include Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs, Alien Worlds, and Decentraland. This article will cover their background and why they are involved in the open metaverse movement. You can also find out more about their vision for the future of virtual reality here.

Animoca Brands

The Open Metaverse Alliance (OMA3) is a group of developers working to create a permissionless virtual world. Web3 companies are owned by Animoca Brands, the largest investor in the industry. Other companies in the OMA3 include Dapper Labs, Star Atlas, Alien Worlds, and Wivity. It’s the second metaverse interoperability group, after the Metaverse Standards Forum. Both alliances share a similar vision of a permissionless metaverse with user-owned information freedom.

In its mission to foster interoperability in the Metaverse, OMA3 will function as a decentralized autonomous organization. It will govern itself using three principles: transparency, inclusivity, and decentralization. The goal is to create a metaverse that allows users to freely transfer their assets between different OMA3 worlds. The OMA3 is a platform that will be open to all Metaverse builders.

Dapper Labs

The Open Metaverse Alliance is a group that aims to develop a standardized engine to build immersive 3D worlds that are connected to form one metaverse. The alliance also aims to create a governance system that is transparent and user-centered. It will focus on a number of metaverse-related topics, including standards for non-fungible tokens, identity, portals, and indexing. Members of the alliance will join the Metaverse Standards Forum (MSF), an organization made up of several Web3 companies that coordinates and develops standards for the metaverse.

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The group’s members include industry heavyweights such as Dapper Labs, Star Atlas, and Decentraland, as well as DAO developers and VR / game developers. It was founded a few weeks after the creation of the Metaverse Standards Forum, which includes the likes of Alibaba, Sony, and Dapper Labs. The group also includes companies that support blockchain and VR.

Alien Worlds

Two major alliances have emerged to create the next generation of virtual worlds. Both will pursue the goal of a permissionless, immersive, and interactive metaverse where users can freely move about and experience various experiences. The two alliances will approach metaverses in fundamentally different ways, but their ultimate goal is the same. These are some of the guiding principles behind the new metaverse alliance.

The Alliance is designed to address some of the key interoperability challenges of the industry. The four founding members of the alliance are Animoca Brands, Alien Worlds, Dapper Labs, and MetaMetaverse. Together, they plan to address issues such as nonfungible tokens and transferable identity, as well as establishing a portal between virtual worlds and mapping and indexing capabilities.


Leading blockchain-based virtual world platforms have formed an organization called the Open Metaverse Alliance (OMA), aimed at overcoming interoperability issues in the space. The alliance includes reputable metaverse brands, aims to create standards, and facilitate collaboration between stakeholders. The OMA is structured as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and is intended to foster the development of Web3 in a manner that is consistent with its founding principles.

In an effort to foster a decentralized metaverse environment, OMA3 will create a new organization, leveraging the governance mechanisms and community-based approach of the DAO. The OMA will work on metaverse-related topics, such as standards for nonfungible tokens, protocols, transferable identities, and portals between virtual worlds. The organization will also join the Metaverse Standards Forum (MSF), a group of Web3 companies.