Why Use a YouTube Banner Template?

YouTube Banner (or YouTube Frame Art) is the first big banner image you’ve seen above the channel list on your home page. It commonly makes use of flashy animation, vivid imagery and the all-important circle of sound in order to visually over-deliver on the promise of the channel name. The benefits of using this type of YouTube banner are many. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 main advantages of YouTube banners to help promote your online business.

Customization – When it comes to the most important factor when choosing an advertising campaign, customization is the key. The same goes for YouTube banners. By allowing you the opportunity to fully customise each and every frame you create, you are able to push the boundaries of design to a whole new level. This not only allows you to fully customize the colours but the feel and even the style of the text. There is no better way to get your message across than having it tailored specifically to you and your unique brand.


Unlimited Templates – YouTube provides a very powerful feature for uploading, as well as downloading your video files. You are able to upload any format of file to the resource box and include dimensions and a custom message. The sizes of these files are automatically resized to ensure that they are viewable on all compatible browsers. If you require larger and more detailed images, there are a number of different templates that allow you to do so. You can use any one of these to achieve your desired results.


Ease of Use – YouTube allows you to create a template through their online form. From here you simply select your desired colour, size and format and you’re done. You will however need to be aware that YouTube limits the number of uploaded files by sites under their partnerships. This means that if you are unable to upload the files via this method you may need to upgrade your account. This is generally not an overly expensive fee to pay as the benefits of having unlimited space, font and message are well worth it.


Large Selection of Designs – The templates offered by YouTube have a huge selection of designs to offer. These range from simple, yet elegant designs, to vibrant, yet sophisticated designs. It also has free images which allow you to use them in your videos if you require additional flair. The templates are also flexible, meaning that you can change the colours, fonts and logos to create a unique and individual appearance.


Widget Functionality – You have the ability to change the color scheme, as well as add additional features when you customize your own template. Many of these designs come with additional functions such as a share button, switch to YouTube’ button, as well as an audio component, allowing you to play music off of your speakers during your video. The widget functionality allows you to display popular video sharing websites on your website. If you want to customize your banner the same way you would customize any other element of your website, this feature is readily available. You can also change the background image and change the colours of the text.


Large Selection of YouTube Videos to Use As Backgrounds – The drag and drop interface which allows you to customize your banner templates makes them ideal for showcasing many different types of videos. Most of the time, videos are used as the main background for a website; however, there are many instances where the video is used simply for decoration. When choosing your youtube channel art, be sure to keep in mind the type of content you will be displayed on your website. This will ensure that your customised youtube channel art selection fits in with the rest of the design for optimal viewing enjoyment

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In conclusion, the uses for PSD banner templates are endless. You can personalise them to almost any specifications, including changing the colour scheme, adding a music player and/or soundtrack, changing the appearance of text and many more. Take some time and consider all the possibilities.