Picture of a classroom with teacher taking class

Back then in the 19’s, students used to respect teachers as their parents. But slowly that respect was affecting. Now the situation is that students do not respect teachers irrespective of a little portion.

In this article, we are not considering the teachers who turned out to be torturers. Yes, those teachers who torture students for their satisfaction and overdo it should be suspended. 

The teachers who do their duties and care about the students should be treated respectfully. Students who are bullies or part of any bad activity are not the only ones who honor the teachers, even students who pay attention to every word the teacher says do not hold an inch of respect. 

Why Students Don’t Respect Teachers

Back then teachers’ respect was more because the measurement tool for respecting a person was the character qualities of a person. Not only teachers, any profession you pick was respected because of his hard work and skills. Muhammad Ali was honored because of his legendary boxing skill but not because of his net worth.

Girl holding crypto coins on her eyes
It’s like people are measuring a money glass to find their mentors

But now it’s different. People especially students nowadays respect no one except a person who is a Millionaire or a Billionaire. Social media and so-called influencers have changed everything. Every student dreams to become a Millionaire one day which is not bad but disrespecting someone who has a salary of $63000 per year is not something a person who is looking forward to influencing others does. Because of that students are aware of teachers’ salaries, the element of respect is reduced. 

Final Words:

The only thing we can do is to develop a mindset in our children that being a Millionaire is a great thing but being a Millionaire but no one should measure respect on how much money a person makes.