“You are a part of the Problem” Jameela Jamil tells those who are critical of her work credit.

Jameela Jamil has taken on social media to criticize people, especially women who have criticized her for making James Blake’s brand new album, “Friends That Break Your Heart.”

“A majority of women are arguing that I shouldn’t be the one to have contributed to my boyfriend’s track and that he should have credited me just for being nice.” The actress, who also is a TV presenter wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

She then spoke about her career in the world of music.

“I was a DJ for 8 years and a music student for 6 years prior to this,” she explained. “You’re adding to the problem of women’s lack of desire to become producer.” Through Instagram, Jamil posted a image of her own post in which she explained how her husband “had struggle” with her in order to include her name on the list of credit names.

“I was so preemptively disgusted by web-based media that James needed to fight me to claim credit for the record,” she wrote.

The same thing occurred in the case of Blake’s 4th studio album “Assume Form,” was released in 2019 and she was working on the album over “countless minutes.”

Jamil was then able to tie the issue back to “misogyny,” remarking on the “hilarious” to hear that many think she did not have an artistic contribution even if the track is popular. However in the event that the song doesn’t get a lot of attention, fans believe that it’s the artist’s “fault” and claim that she “made the whole thing by for herself.” “In the end, I snagged the recognition I received since I believe it’s crucial for women working as musicians to be recognized within the world of music production. I want all of you who are following me to be able to claim your accomplishments as legitimate,” she continued.

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Jamil encouraged people to assume “ownership of your accomplishments” as well as expressing her wish to ensure that everyone, no matter where they reside anywhere in the world can claim the credit for their work.

“I I hope you are aware that being not believed in by your accomplishments isn’t an indication of your character… it’s an expression of those who are so unachievable anxious, scared, and unsecure that they don’t know the level of achievement you could become “she continued.

She also explained the way this happens across all industries and at all levels before concluding “Even for me it was shocking. My partner is very generous with me, even though I don’t acknowledge my own self.” Additionally, she spoke about the significance of representation and how she believes in it.