Kylie is seen naked in blood, announcing her Halloween collection will be available Tomorrow.

In the post she said “My Kylie X Nightmare on ELM Street Collection Launches Tomorrow! 3pm pst

The makeup for Halloween mostly inspired by horror film iconic Freddy Krueger, the infamous killer in the cult movie show A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The box, in particular and the box itself, the Kylie x Nightmare on Elm Street box looks like the VHS tape! The fans of the film franchise and the ’80s baby (a.k.a. old young people) will certainly appreciate the nostalgia they put into the box’s design.

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For the details of the Gen-Z generation VHS tapes were trend in the ’80s. Before streaming became a thing. It was common for people to rent or purchase VHS tapes to enjoy a movie or concert, or any other video recordings at home on the VHS player. It’s likely that a lot of viewers were able to view The Nightmare on Elm Street on VHS during the past.

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