Where to Travel in Europe While the US Dollar Is Strong

The euro is at almost parity with the US dollar, and the British pound is down to around $1.20, making it a great time to visit the French Riviera and the Mediterranean. Alternatively, head to Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, or Greece. These countries are all well worth visiting, and will save you a bundle on airfare. Keep reading to find out where to go during the weak US dollar to take advantage of the great value on their currency.


Spain has long held the title of the cheapest country to fly to in Europe. It regularly costs $200 to $500 roundtrip from New York, Boston, and other major cities. That makes it one of the most inexpensive countries to travel to in Western Europe. In addition, the currency is highly affordable – budget travelers can easily afford to spend $50 per day while enjoying mid-range to low-luxury travel.


Although the Portuguese currency is stronger than the U.S. dollar, you can still get a good deal on the country’s goods and services. The cost of living is low, and the cost of basic goods and services is much lower than in the U.S. The country’s climate is moderate year-round, with summer temperatures sometimes reaching 40°F. Portugal also attracts fewer tourists from the neighboring countries, which means that prices will be much lower during the spring and autumn seasons.


If you want to travel to Italy, it is a great idea to buy your Euros ahead of time. Many Italian shops and restaurants prefer cash payments. However, it may be easier to buy currency in Italy once you arrive. You can use ATMs or currency exchange outlets to obtain cash. If you have a Visa or Mastercard, use that to withdraw cash from an ATM. Keep in mind that ATMs may charge fees if you have damaged banknotes.


While you’re on a budget and looking for a great vacation spot, you’ve probably thought about where to travel in Europe while the US dollar is weak. While the European currency is worth more than the U.S. dollar, you can still find good deals if you plan your trip well in advance. Some of the top European travel destinations include Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, Marbella, Spain, Amiens, France, London, and the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Despite the rising costs, there’s no reason to skip Europe.

Baden-Baden, Germany

If you are planning a vacation, consider traveling to Germany. This country’s economy is strong and features a variety of industries. It is also part of the Four Motors of Europe, which includes the Mercedes-Benz Group, the Schwarz Group, and Porsche. The state is rich in history, with the Alemanni tribe causing the Romans to retreat to the west. In 496 AD, they defeated the Frankish invasion led by Clovis I.

Brugge, Belgium

While the US dollar is strong, you can still enjoy traveling in Europe by buying a cheap ticket to Brugge, Belgium. Standard round-trip train tickets from Brussels to Brugge cost around $37. If you prefer to take a taxi instead of walking, you can find one right outside of the station for $12. Alternatively, you can take a bus to the center of the city and walk the rest of the way.


If you’re looking for a cheap vacation, you may be wondering where to go in Europe while the US dollar is strong. The euro hasn’t been this strong in over two decades. This week, the euro finally reached parity with the dollar, though it dropped a bit to its lowest point since 2002. There is a bit of a debate about when the best time to visit euro countries is, with some travel experts encouraging travelers to take advantage of this strong dollar-euro exchange rate. Whether you’re looking for a cheap vacation or simply want to make a lot of money, there are several ways to take advantage of this situation.


You may not have heard of Gdansk, but it was the site of the first conflict during World War II. German troops attacked a Polish military outpost on the Westerplatte peninsula on September 1, 1939. Today, the Westerplatte peninsula is a historical park and memorial site. The most notable landmark is the Monument of the Coast Defenders, but you can also tour the city’s military ruins and visit a small museum dedicated to the history of the area.


The US dollar’s strength against the Euro has given some European destinations a huge boost in recent months. The EUR/USD exchange rate has dropped to parity with the dollar earlier this month after initially approaching that level. The euro has also experienced occasional near-one-to-one exchange rates. Travel experts are divided in their recommendations of the best time to visit a Euro zone country. Some say it is the best time to travel in Europe while the dollar is strong, while others suggest avoiding the region entirely.

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