Is it Worth Travelling Right Now?

Amid flight cancellations and airport chaos is it worth traveling right now

The recent outbreak of monkeypox and foot-and-mouth disease is just the latest reason to avoid flying, and the massive storm in Rarotonga is causing widespread confusion, too. Across Europe, luggage is getting lost and would-be travellers are waiting for hours in airport lines and on hold with airlines. Meanwhile, the virus Covid-19 has spread throughout Europe. “Is it worth traveling right now?” asks Neil Carr, a professor of tourism at the University of Otago.

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Taking a one-stop flight

This summer has been particularly bad for air travel. Airlines have been forced to cancel thousands of flights and limit their routes. Some airports have capped the number of flights they operate daily. Pent-up demand from the Covid pandemic and shortages of air traffic controllers have combined to cause the chaos. In the past month alone, major airlines have reported a higher percentage of flight cancellations and delays than in previous months.

Taking a one-stop flight, however, can be risky. Airlines are legally responsible for getting you on the next available flight, which may be hours or even days away. Many travelers opt for flights with connections of two hours or more, but there is no guarantee that the airline will still be operating on time. In some cases, a connecting flight may take three hours. However, this is only if you’re flying internationally.

Flying out of an airport

With all of the recent issues that have plagued the air travel industry, many people are staying home rather than brave the chaos and delays. Those who do venture abroad are faced with a series of hardships. Flights are cancelled, people miss their flights, luggage is lost and the emotions that accompany such a situation are overwhelming. While this can deter some travelers, many of them long to travel and to see friends and family.

The summer months have been particularly rough on air travel. According to FlightAware, U.S. flights have been canceled or delayed nearly 20 percent of the time. The disruptions have been felt across the globe, particularly in Europe. Airlines are trying to regain lost revenue due to a recent pandemic and are scheduling more flights than they can logistically operate. This situation will only worsen over the course of the summer.

Checking flight status before leaving for the airport

With the flurry of recent cancellations and delays, it is crucial to check your flight status before leaving for the airport. Several third-party apps and airline websites allow you to track your flight status, and some offer real-time alerts. Flights can be cancelled or delayed for a number of reasons, including staffing shortages, weather, and mechanical problems. While these are all legitimate reasons to check the status of your flight before leaving, timing can make all the difference.

Many people are concerned about whether their flight will be delayed or canceled tomorrow. Flight delays are particularly common in Florida and New York, where traveler searches are soaring. Many users also want to find out how much compensation they can get if their flight is delayed. Others want to know why their flight was cancelled and what steps they need to take in case of a delayed flight.

Taking a connection flight

If you’re stuck in the middle of airport chaos and need to make a connection flight, you’re not alone. In April, airlines operated 566,893 flights, up nearly 87 percent from the same month last year. Amidst the chaos, travelers are venting on social media. One traveler, Brian Walsingham, called out American Airlines after a 14-hour delay on his flight. Others have prepared themselves for long delays at airports. Ken Domik, who arrived three hours early, was stuck at the airport for seven hours.

If your connection flight is cancelled or delayed, you can use online check-in to make new arrangements. Alternatively, you can make arrangements from your hotel room. Depending on the airline, it could be hours before you can go through immigration. In this case, you may want to plan ahead so you can get to your connection flight without too much stress. In any case, it is crucial to get to your destination in time to avoid a missed connection flight.