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The ‘ O Bom Watergate’ refers to the recent controversy surrounding emails between former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and her top aide, ‘Platters’ Clinton. The emails in question pertain to thegatekeeping’ of the Democratic National Convention, where Hillary Clinton had a security breach in her email server and got on a private airplane with Anthony Wiener, a Washington DC lobbyist. In the aftermath of this breach, Clinton deleted all her emails on her personal computer, and she has been questioned about whether or not these emails are still there. This whole imbroglio has many curious folks wondering what is ‘O Bom’ all about.

The first part of the’scandals ‘of course’refers to the breach of Hillary Clinton’s email server. As it turns out, Hillary Clinton’s aides actually had access to her personal emails when they were deleting other correspondences. In turn, the mainstream media has been pushing the theory that in effect, Hillary Clinton’s personal email server was hacked into. This in turn, has given rise to the current ‘Scandal’ that is ‘ O Bom.’

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O Bom, as many of you know, is an imaginary name, an acronym for ‘other than criminal’ coined by James Comey, the former FBI Director. The reasoning behind this is because Comey saw Clinton’s email as being ‘careless’ and did not feel there was sufficient evidence to bring about a prosecution of her. This controversy has been a cause of much division since it first surfaced, and indeed there have been many speculations and rumors, as well as unfounded rumors. If you’re interested in learning what is ‘ O Bom,’ then below is a quick guide.

First, the ‘pipe’ refers to an outside computer using a proxy server. It is used by the hackers in order to gain access to sensitive information. The ‘phone’ is the server, and the term ‘wiretap’ refers to the tapping of phone lines. In essence, the ‘pipe’ refers to a device installed on or near the server used by the hackers, while the ‘wiretap’ refers to the recording of phone calls made within that server.


O Bom as it is known today began when The New York Times published a piece on December 12th, stating that former President George W. Bush had been briefed on the existence of an unapproved email server in the White House. This server was said to contain personal emails and possibly other sensitive material. This news ignited a number of stories, with many coming to the conclusion that there may be something to the recent controversy.

As news of the investigation spread, many people quickly started to question the validity of the investigation, with some stating that the proof would simply be lies if O Bom was not real. Such claims are not valid, however, as The New York Times has since stated that they stand by their reporting, as the information was classified as ‘classified’ information. So, now we are faced with the question of what is obamagate?

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The scandal began when an email was reportedly hacked and then allegedly sent to and from Clinton’s private server. However, neither the FBI nor the Department of Justice have yet presented any evidence linking these emails to the Clinton campaign in any way. Further, no one knows if any of the emails were forwarded by Clinton aides. In fact, the Clinton campaign itself has stated that any of the emails were indeed hers and were copied by her. With that said, the real question that many are asking is what is ‘Obamagate’?

Many have speculated that the whole thing is nothing more than a politically-motivated witch hunt being cooked up by some right wing fringe group. However, the fact remains that the mainstream media is slowly trying to push the story as being a huge scandal. Furthermore, the conservative blogosphere is also pushing the theory that Clinton is being investigated for something bigger, perhaps even a scam. Whatever the case may be, it is important to understand what is ‘OBAMagate’. And whether or not it is even a scandal is still up in the air.