Country singer Walker Hayes has a sweet new video featuring his daughter. The two are dancing to his song “Fancy Like.” The clip has already garnered more than 490,000 likes, and even has a few comments, too. The six children of the singer also join in on the fun. He says the video is one of the most moving videos he’s ever created.

It was no secret that Walker Hayes and his daughter Lela were a couple, but he had some rough times before his success, and his wife Laney Beville helped encourage him through them. The two met at high school, and have been together ever since. The couple has six children, and their new video features the entire family. It’s a beautiful video, and one that will definitely catch the attention of the country music community.

The new video is the latest success for the country singer. The song was written by Shane Stevens and produced by Shane McAnally and Joe Thibodeau. It embodies the simple, sweet life of the Hayes family. It’s also the first song on his EP to gain more than 4 million views in three days, and the song is already making waves on Tik Tok. With many country artists trying to get their music video to go viral, this video is sure to be a hit.

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After the birth of his daughter, Laney Beville, Walker Hayes’ wife, Laney, was pregnant and planning a wedding. He and Laney Beville had an exciting year together. The couple had five children, but had to break up after the death of their newborn daughter. He was excited to be a dad again, and his daughter was thrilled to join him on a TikTok groove session to record the song, “Fancy Like.”

The singer is one of the most famous country stars in the world. His song “Fancy Like” has topped the charts since its release in June. The singer’s EP also includes “Fancy Like,” which features Jake Owen and Carly Pearce. The track has also gained great popularity on Tik Tok. The song has even reached the top of the iTunes country chart!

Laney and Hayes married in 2004 and have five children together. They are a super-mom to all six of their kids, and have a booming TikTok account. The singer’s daughter has been a popular part of his life since his wedding, and it’s no wonder the two have found time to create the sweetest video of their lives.

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