After the recent controversy involving the Kardashian-West couple, Julia Fox has come out with a statement to clarify the situation. She addressed the media and deleted all photos of herself and Ye together from her Instagram story, as well as unfollowing Juliye’s fan accounts. While the comments on her instagram story have not been verified, the actress has repeatedly denied that she and Kanye have split.

Following media speculation that the couple is separating, Julia Fox has denied any relationship with the rapper, deleting all photos of herself with Kanye. The eagle-eyed fans noticed her cryptic social media movement, and she quickly removed the pictures from Instagram. Additionally, she unfollowed several Kanye fan accounts. A close source of the actress claims that she deleted the pictures because she got mean comments and didn’t want to deal with them.

According to the source, the move to delete pictures of herself with Kanye West follows a trend that began after the star of the hit show “Uncut Gems” reacted to criticism on social media. She deleted photos of the two on Instagram, unfollowed Kanye’s fan accounts, and also deleted some Kardashian-fan accounts. Earlier this year, Fox’s Instagram was full of positive comments about Kanye and the Kardashians.

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The rumors circulating online about the breakup of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s split have escalated since the couple’s Instagram account began showing the photos of the couple together. The Kardashian-West star has been teasing Kanye West on social media, but the reality is that she is not in a relationship with Kanye. The pair is currently in the middle of a messy divorce, which has forced the two to step out of public view.

The two were previously linked to Irina Shayk and Vinetria, but rumors of a breakup have surfaced again. The rumors involving Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s split were fueled by their own personal issues. Those rumored to be cheating on Kim Kardashian’s marriage were disgruntled with the alleged affair.

It’s not entirely clear whether Kanye and Kim Kardashian are still dating. It’s still possible to assume that they’re still in love if Kim Kardashian and Kanye have not deleted their photos. However, it is difficult to determine if they are. Nevertheless, the rumours about the alleged breakup are not true and the actress is not considering a breakup.

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