US intelligence released a report about UFOs. What is known

The US government said that it does not have an explanation for the appearance of many unidentified flying objects, which were spotted by military pilots in different year’s.

The Pentagon published a Friday report that covered 144 UFOs found between 2004 and 2021.

It was stated in the document that flying objects could not be identified, except for one.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of alien objects.

After the US military had reported many objects moving in random places in the sky, the Congress requested a report on UFOs.

The Pentagon created a UFO investigation working group in August 2020.

This group was formed to “detect and analyze these events and to catalog them” as well as to study “the origin and nature of unidentified flying objects.”

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Was there anything new in the report?

Friday’s interim report stated that most of the 144 “unknown air phenomena” discovered were detected in the two years since the U.S. Navy established a standard reporting system.

“There is not enough information about their nature” in 143 cases.

Although the authors claim that there were no evidence for extraterrestrial explanations of these objects, this assertion was not denied.

They are “probably not from one source.”

Some could be technologies from another country, like Russia or China, while others may be natural atmospheric phenomena such as ice crystals that can capture radar systems. Some could be “related” to American secret programs and developments.

Intelligence can confidently speak about one object’s nature. The observed object turned out be a large balloon. It is not known what the nature of other objects is.

According to the authors, air phenomena that cannot be identified pose a threat to flight safety and national security in the United States.

What evidence is there?

US intelligence released a report about UFOs. What is known

The US Department of Defense released three videos of “unknown aerial phenomenons” in April 2020. These videos were previously “merged” with journalists to create “videos of UFOs”.

In 2004, the first video was taken. The New York Times published it in 2007. Two US Navy fighter pilots filmed an object flying over the Pacific Ocean surface 160 km from shore.

Two additional videos were also shot in 2015, and released in 2017.

They display flying objects, with one rotating.

You can also hear the pilot saying, “Look at that, dude!” It’s spinning!

Pilots suggested it could be drones.

Two former Navy pilots said last month that they saw an object in Pacific Ocean that appeared to reflect their movements.

It was described by one pilot as “a little white object resembling Tic-Tac,” which refers to the oblong white mint lollipops.

“That’s exactly how he looked, and he moved very fast and very chaotically, and we couldn’t predict which way or which maneuver he would take,” Alex Dietrich, a former Navy pilot, said to BBC News. .

“He left no visible trace of engine operation. He did not have any control panels visible to help him maneuver.