UI Expert reminds Jokowi about the Corona Emergency Brake: It Destroys Indonesia

Pandu Riono reminded President that Pandu Riono is an Epidemiologist at the Faculty of Public Health University of Indonesia (FKM UI). Joko WidodoHe wanted to tighten the most, as he was concerned that Indonesia’s health services would be destroyed by the spread of malaria.Covid-19.
“If Jokowi does not tighten tomorrow to the maximum extent, all [health] services will collapse in Indonesia,” Pandu said. Pandu stated that many doctors would be affected.

UI Expert reminds Jokowi about the Corona Emergency Brake: It Destroys Indonesia

Jokowi stated previously that his party had imposed a Community Activity Restriction instead of a lockdown, or regional quarantine. Jokowi stated that the step was taken to protect the economy.

Jokowi also responded to calls for a lockdown made by many local governments, politicians and health experts to civil society.

Pandu requested Jokowi to comply with constitutional responsibilities and ensure the safety of the people.

“Jokowi [must] take responsibility for the safety and well-being of the people. Are you willing to serve as a president that doesn’t follow his constitutional responsibilities? Pandu said.

The central government plans to review the PPKM. This option was considered after the increase in SARS-CoV-2 cases in Indonesia.

Safrizal ZA, Director General of Regional Administration of Ministry of Home Affairs, said that the government was still considering this option. Emergency PPKM is one option. He didn’t deny or justify the plan to modify the policy to Emergency PPKM.

“While no new instructions have been issued, however, the directives will soon be revised,” stated Safrizal in a short message to CNNIndonesia.com, Tuesday, 29/6.

The Deputy Chair for the Covid-19 Handling Task Force was reluctant to confirm the news that WFH would be implemented 100 percent and shopping centers will be closed. He stated that the government was looking at a variety of options.

The government extended micro PPKM implementation with reinforcements to stop the transmission of the Covid-19 case from June 22 to July 5, 2021.

In the ten most recent ten days, Indonesia has been recording 10 000 new cases per hour. Indonesia had the highest number of reported cases per hour, with 21,342 cases on June 27.

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On Monday, 29/6, Indonesia had reported 2,135,998 Covid-19 cases. This includes 1,859,961 people who are now in recovery, 218,476 people in hospital treatment and self-isolation, and 57561 people who have died.