Trump Asks Putin to Dig Up Dirt on Biden Family

In an interview with Daily Reuters, former President Donald Trump brazenly asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to release dirt on Joe Biden and his family. The president has used these allegations during the upcoming 2020 presidential election, hoping to use them as a weapon against Biden. The accusations include shady business deals between the former vice president’s son Hunter and Eastern European oligarchs, and the transfer of millions of dollars from Yelena, the former mayor of Moscow.

As part of the campaign, the president called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to dig up dirt about Bidens’s family and their business dealings in Russia. The allegations are unproven and have triggered international debate, but they were made despite the fact that the President’s actions are against international law. The allegations about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Russia have been widely reported.

The investigation is ongoing. As a result, Donald Trump’s top allies collaborated with a Russian spy to peddle disinformation about the Biden family, including allegations of corruption. The details of Trump’s interview with Putin were made public by John Solomon’s website, a pro-Trump journalist who has written about the business dealings of the Bidens’ family in Ukraine.

Trump Asks Putin to Dig Up Dirt on Biden Family

In the wake of the investigation into Hunter Biden, the president brazenly asked Putin to release information on the alleged Russian business dealings of the late Moscow mayor, Hunter Biden. The claims were unverified but the implication was clear: the former president is seeking political help from a foreign power. The resulting leaks and claims about the Biden family are embarrassing.

The report also revealed that Russia has cooperated with Donald Trump’s top allies to peddle disinformation about the Bidens’ family, which includes claims of corruption. Despite the fact that there is no evidence of foreign meddling in the U.S. election, the president has already publicly asked Putin for information about the family and their business dealings. This would reveal that they have received payments from a Ukrainian businessman.

The Russian president has been criticized for requesting compromising information from Ukraine. The US president has a long history of soliciting political help from international powers, including Russia. He has repeatedly asked the Russian leader to release emails related to Hillary Clinton. Interestingly, Russia has a history of colluding with foreign governments. While this is a very bad idea, the president was already under pressure to protect the Ukrainians.

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The Russian leader was recently accused of leaking hacked emails of Hillary Clinton. The Russian president later said the emails were obtained and the US government had no proof of any wrongdoing. However, this new evidence suggests that the US government is attempting to hide the information, and the US is attempting to protect itself from any such disclosure. So, he brazenly asks Putin to release dirt on the Bidens family.