How Biden's 9 Unscripted Words Could Affect the War in Ukraine

The presidential candidate has a high-stakes foreign policy job, and Joe Biden’s 9 unscripted statements could have far-reaching consequences for the war in Ukraine. The French president Emmanuel Macron was reportedly annoyed by Biden’s comments, which appeared to undermine his efforts to convince Russian President Vladimir Putin to agree to a ceasefire. Despite Macron’s effort, a ceasefire deal is unlikely to come from US diplomacy given the deep hostility between Moscow and Washington.

The vice president’s 9 unscripted words could affect the war in Ukraine. Although his remarks were not written in the official presidential script, they did have an impact on the situation in Ukraine. Biden’s comments about the military and economic crisis in Ukraine sparked a worldwide debate on the future of the conflict. Some experts believe the U.S. should not intervene militarily in the war in Ukraine. However, the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee urged Biden to “stay on script.”

How Biden's 9 Unscripted Words Could Affect the War in Ukraine

The vice president’s remarks about President Putin’s role in the war have already damaged his credibility. In the wake of the speech, the restive American public disapproves of the US’s performance. Nevertheless, his remarks on Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine have overshadowed the larger message of the Western coalition. Even though Biden’s comments on Ukraine were troubling, they are unlikely to alter the US’s calculus about what kind of military response would be most effective.

The comments made by President Joe Biden have shifted the focus of the war in Ukraine and sparked an unnerving distraction. The words “Vladimir Putin cannot remain in power” have overshadowed the message of the Western coalition against Russia. Meanwhile, a more important repercussion of Biden’s 9 unscripted thoughts is his statement on the need for regime change in Russia.

Despite the serious questions that have been raised by the vice president’s 9 unscripted comments on Russia’s war in Ukraine, the vice president’s remarks are still a significant distraction and have undermined the larger message of the Western coalition. As a result, the VP’s comments are a distraction that overshadowed the message of the Western coalition.

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The NBC News poll showed that the war in Ukraine has damaged Biden’s approval rating. The poll also found that only 12% of respondents were confident in the handling of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. More than seventy percent of respondents remained worried about the use of nuclear weapons and the possibility of sending combat troops into Ukraine. The results of the poll are unscripted and should not be interpreted as such.