Does @taylorswift13 know she’s announcing 1989 Taylor’s Version tomorrow?

Twitter is getting hyped on Taylor swift’s announcement on 1989 Taylor’s Version. Her fans are waiting for her announcement. Many tweets says: 

Well no ones getting any sleep.

Taylor is again trending on Twitter. One of the top tweets are:

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Many meme tweets are also getting a lot of retweets on this hashtags about Taylor Swift’s announcement: 

Taylor Lift and Dua Lipa Collabing with BlackPink: 

Possible Taylor Swift and Dua collabs lined up for BLACKPINK?! This will be insane if true. There are many rumors of Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift collaborating with Blackpink. Taylor Swift’s pictures with Blackpink were also out. A dua lipa and blackpink collaboration was also posted on YouTube in October 2018.

Taylor Swift image with BLACKPINK official image in hd 2021