Six years back this month, Miami-Dade County commissioners voted to costume authorities with body-worn cameras, along the vocal objections of their country’s police union.

After an initial pilot program in 2015, the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) has spread the cameras to every one its uniformed patrol officers and sergeants. The MDPD, that’s that the eighth-largest police bureau at the U.S., has approximately 3,100 officers on its own roster.

Against the background of a national dialog on the use of force from law-enforcement officials, a group of investigators in a few Ivy League and other prestigious universities is currently working together with the MDPD to get up to 3 decades’ worth of records out of those body-worn cameras. By assessing the footage, together with arrest reports, crime information, and officers’ personnel records, the investigators intend to examine patterns in and predictors of use of power.

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Last week, Miami-Dade’s Community Safety and Security Committee voted to approve the analysis, with the support of this higher-ups in the MDPD. The entire board of commissioners will vote to the analysis in its second meeting on July 8.

“In the datawe know, and by the information, ideally we grow and get better. . .and I am thrilled that Miami-Dade County is now ready to perform it,” Commissioner Sally Heyman stated at last week’s board meeting.

If accepted, the analysis is anticipated to take three or more years to finish. Researchers in Brown, Princeton, Stanford, the University of Michigan, and the University of Pennsylvania will operate with all the job.

After assessing the footage of use-of-force episodes, the investigators say, they will notice how obviously the officer hauled with the topic, if the topic complied with the officer, if the officer escalated or de-escalated that the circumstance, and if the officer responded proportionately given the conditions. The race of this topic are also an information point.

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A June 10 Court concerning the analysis had been signed by various leading officials using the MDPD and says that the division expects to use the information to boost police operations and community associations.

In the committee meeting, Miami-Dade authorities Maj. Carlos Gonzalez dealt with that a newcomer’s concern that the information could be”cherry picked,” describing that the investigators could have unrestricted access into just two to three decades of movie footage from officers’ body-worn cameras.

“We don’t have any choice in it,” Gonzalez explained. “They will be supplied it all, plus they get to perform a random assortment of that use-of-force events which were recorded in body-worn cameras — anything they need.”

As many use-of-force episodes by City of Miami police officials have come under scrutiny in the past few years from the town’s independent watchdog, the Civilian Investigative Panel, Miami-Dade County has not had its authorities supervision board because 2009, when county commissioners slashed its financing.

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Last summer, amid national protests against the killing of George Floyd at Minneapolis, the county commission voted to reestablish the board, however thanks to a bureaucratic nominating process, it’s yet to fulfill.