Travis Scott Slams Speculation He's Cheating on Kylie Jenner

Music sensations Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. Just two weeks ago, rumors began that the rapper was cheating on his girlfriend when paparazzi took screenshots of a woman who appeared to look just like Kylie, sitting next to him in an expensive sports car. Travis denied this with a public service announcement on social media last Friday, August 3.
“I won’t be on social media all like that, I’m chillin’. You see me post my lady, show love. Ain’t no hoes in my phone, tryna DM me and all that,” Travis said in his video. “That ain’t my life, bro. Keep that same energy when you see me in person.”
The couple has been inseparable since they went public with their relationship in April 2017. Despite the cheating rumors, there’s no doubt that Travis and Kylie are still very much in love.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s relationship

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s relationship has been the subject of much speculation over the past few months. Some have even speculated that Travis Scott may be cheating on Kylie Jenner. However, Travis Scott has slammed these claims, stating that he is not cheating on Kylie Jenner.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have been dating for over two years now. The couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Stormi Webster, in February 2018. Since then, the two have been inseparable.

However, some recent rumors have claimed that Travis Scott is cheating on Kylie Jenner with multiple women. These rumors were started after photos of Travis Scott with other women began circulating online.

In response to these allegations, Travis Scott took to Twitter to clear his name. He wrote, “TBH this sh*t is just crazy! Im not gonna go back n forth about this but just know I ain’t cheat.” He also added, “I love u guys so much but please believe me when I say I would never do anything to jeopardize my relationship.”

It is clear that Travis Scott is dedicated to his relationship with Kylie Jenner and their family. He has shut down any speculation that he is cheating on her, and it seems like the two are happier than ever.

Breakup with Kylie Jenner

The tatted-up father of Kylie Jenner’s child has taken to social media to quash swirling rumors about infidelity, writing in all caps: “TRAVIS SCOTT IS NOT CHEATING ON KYLIE JENNER.”

As the speculation mounted Thursday, Scott also insisted he’s not been unfaithful to the 20-year-old reality star and business mogul.

“F*ck u and ur internet,” he wrote on Snapchat, before adding in another post, “Once again these fake shits got people talking.”

This isn’t the first time Scott has had to defend his relationship with Jenner. In September, he shot down split rumors after photos surfaced of Jenner without her diamond engagement ring.

“Y’all Trippin Trippin,” he commented on an Instagram post at the time. “She busies taking care of her family.”

A source close to Scott told PEOPLE earlier this week that the couple is “fully concentrating on their daughter and are not dating anyone else.”

“They still love each other and miss each other, but right now they are just focused on Stormi,” said the source.

Travis Scott Slams Speculation He's Cheating on Kylie Jenner

Jealousy and cheating

Jealousy and cheating are two very different things. Cheating is a choice that someone makes to be unfaithful, whereas jealousy is an emotion that can arise from various circumstances. While it’s possible for someone to feel jealous without there being any actual cheating going on, it’s also possible for someone to cheat without feeling any jealousy at all.

When it comes to relationships, jealousy can be a major issue. If one partner feels like they’re constantly being compared to other people or like they’re not good enough, it can lead to a lot of hurt and resentment. This can eventually lead to cheating, as the person may feel like they’re not getting what they need from the relationship and so they turn elsewhere.

Of course, jealousy doesn’t always lead to cheating. In some cases, it may just be a sign that the person is insecure and needs some reassurance from their partner. If both partners are willing to work on communication and trust, then jealousy can be overcome.

In the case of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, there have been rumors that Travis has been cheating on Kylie. However, he has denied these rumors and has even said that he would never cheat on her. Only time will tell if these allegations are true or not, but for now, it seems like their relationship is strong despite the speculation.

Why Travis might be upset

There are a few reasons why Travis Scott might be upset about the speculation that he’s cheating on Kylie Jenner. First, it’s possible that he’s actually not cheating and the rumors are false. Second, even if he is cheating, he may not want his personal life to be public knowledge. Third, he may be worried about how Kylie will react if she finds out he’s been unfaithful. fourth, Travis could be concerned about the negative impact this could have on his career and reputation.

It’s important to remember that we don’t know for sure what is going on between Travis and Kylie, so we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. However, if the rumors are true, it’s understandable why Travis would be upset.

Travis Scott Slams Speculation He's Cheating on Kylie Jenner

Reasons to believe he’s not cheating

Travis Scott has Slammed speculation he’s cheating on Kylie Jenner, saying the rumors are “just stupid.” The couple has been plagued by cheating rumors since they got together, but Scott says there’s no truth to them.

“It just makes no sense,” he told GQ. “Why would I be doing that? I love this girl more than anything in the world.”

Scott says he understands why people might think he’s cheating, because of the life he leads as a touring musician. But he says he would never cheat on Jenner.

“I don’t look at another woman like that,” he said. “My eyes don’t wander.”

Jenner has also spoken out against the cheating rumors, saying they are “hurtful” and “false.”

Different people don’t spend the time they should together lately

It seems like every time we log onto social media, there’s another celebrity couple calling it quits. And while we don’t know the inner workings of any relationship, we can’t help but feel a little disappointed when yet another Hollywood romance comes to an end.

One couple that has been the subject of breakup rumors lately is Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner. The two have been together for over two years and have a daughter, Stormi, together. But recent reports have claimed that Scott has been cheating on Jenner, and the two are supposedly spending less and less time together.

We don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors, but we hope that Scott and Jenner can work things out. After all, they have a beautiful family and seem like they’re really good for each other. Here’s hoping they can overcome whatever obstacles are currently standing in their way.