If you’ve been following the trailers for Uncharted, you may have already seen that Tom Holland was hit by a car 17 times. While the actual stunt itself was not so intense, Tom Holland did mention that it was an incredible experience. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, he described how the experience was both terrifying and rewarding, calling it “one of the best movie stunts he’s ever done.”

If you’re looking for more news about Tom Holland’s amazing stunt from the upcoming movie Uncharted, then you’ll want to watch this clip. This incredible video shows the actor getting hit by a car 17 times in one day. While the video footage is stunning, it’s not the most impressive film stunt. Fortunately, the actor and director are on a good run after Holland’s Spider-Man: No Way Home performance.

This stunt is so impressive that Tom Holland referred to it as the best scene in the film. The actor has also recently starred in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and No Way Home, but his most memorable moment was the cargo drop sequence, which took five weeks to shoot. Other highlights from the Uncharted movie stunt include leapfrogging over cargo blocks suspended in mid-air, free-falling towards the ground, and being hit by a sports car. The actor was hit by a blue-screen model of the car while filming, which the Sony Pictures featurette has uncovered.

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The actor’s recent appearance in the video game-based action adventure Uncharted was his first movie role. It was a huge success, earning Tom Holland a place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The sequel, based on the popular video game of the same name, also stars Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas. The film is a high-octane adventure with several spectacular stunts.

This movie also features some of the best stunts in cinema history, including a car crash that involved a plane, a helium balloon, and a cargo plane. The film is due out on February 18, and the actor was hit by a vehicle 17 times during filming for the stunt. The actress has a great reputation as a real-life friend.

It is no surprise that Tom Holland was hit by a car 17 times during filming for Uncharted. The actor has been hit by a car in the same movie as many as eighteen other times, but the film’s stunt is one of the most high-octane action movies in recent history. In the film, he was hit by a car 17 times in a single day, making the stunt seem like a mere ten minute experience.

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