You can have a large mouth or you can have the largest mouth in the world — Samantha Ramsdell, TikTok star, is an example.

The 31-year-old Connecticut woman, whose massive mouth brought her viral fame, was recently confirmed by Guinness World Records to have the world’s largest mouth gape (female), measuring a whopping 6.52 centimeters.

Guinness was told by Ramsdell that it was hard for her to accept her unusual feature at first. She was bullied as a kid and was teased by her classmates with taunts such as “big bass mouth”.

She’s now embraced it and can often be seen doing amazing feats on TikTok like fitting four cheeseburgers into one stack and a large French fry box in her mouth.

Guinness told her that she was 31 when she set a record for something she was insecure about.

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After Spencer Cammarano, an adjudicator and others visited Ramsdell at her South Norwalk dentist’s office, they measured Ramsdell’s mouth with digital calipers.

Since getting on TikTok as a way to keep busy during the pandemic, Ramsdell has amassed 1.7 million followers, who all tune in to watch various clips of her eating, singing and traveling.

She stated that the Guinness World Records title was a milestone. “It’s finally being able to show some bullies or people which tormented or doubted me that I do have a big mouth, but I still have the largest one in the world!”