The Weeknd dropped two new songs today. The first is the reworking of “Sacrifice” by Swedish House Mafia. The second is a remake of “Gasoline,” which features Abel and a dancing alter ego. Both songs have been featured on a number of music videos.

The remix is an excellent addition to the original version. The video for ‘Sacrifice’ is visually stunning, with a dancer being strapped crucifix-style to a platform. The track’s original video features Tyler The Creator, Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones, Jim Carrey, and more. The Weeknd’s After Hours remix combines Future, Lil Wayne, and 21 Savage, as well as Oneohtrix Point Never.

The Weeknd Drops Alternate World Mixes of Sacrifice and Take my Brea – Two New Remixes! The Weeknd has released two new Alternate versions of his songs, “Sacrifice” and “Take My… My Brea.” The original version features Tyler The Creator, Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones, and Jim Carrey, while the remix features Swedish House Mafia and Alicia Myers.

The Weeknd Drops Alternate World – This new mix of ‘Sacrifice’ features Swedish House Mafia, who co-produced the original track. The Swedish House Mafia’s remix doubles down on the disco sound that is the hallmark of their music. The video is set in a basketball court and culminates with flashy voguing and dancing.

In addition to the two new versions of Sacrifice and Take My Breá, The Weeknd also released ‘Sacrifice’ with Swedish House Mafia. The Swedish House Mafia co-produced the original track and doubled it on its remix. The ‘Sacrifice’ video features the singer dancing in an indoor basketball court, culminating in flashy voguing.

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The Weeknd teased the release of his new album, Dawn FM, before dropping it on February 14. The track listing revealed in Pitchfork, meanwhile, revealed that the album will be released on February 20, 2020. He will also embark on a world tour to promote the album, which is scheduled to begin in Europe and Asia in early 2021.

The Weeknd’s latest music is already making waves. The first single, Sacrifice, is a remix of the hit single “Memori,” and the second, Take My Brea, is an extended version of the former song. The two remixes are the perfect way to celebrate the new album’s success.

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