22 years ago, the tragic deaths of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy in a plane accident shocked the entire world.

They were an American golden couple, young and beautiful and taken before their time – some would say by the ‘Kennedy curse ‘.

John and Carolyn were not the only passengers on the plane. They also lost their lives on July 16, 1999.

Lauren Bessette was the third victim of the tragic crash. And why is history so forgetful about her?

The crash

John, Carolyn, and Lauren boarded a private aircraft to Cape Cod on July 16, 1999. It crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, claiming their lives.

John, the son of a political dynasty in America, was raised in the White House. Carolyn, a glamourous fashion publicist who won hearts with her beauty & charm, was born to John.

The couple were mourned publicly when the news of their deaths came in, and across the US some more superstitious fans blamed the ‘Kennedy curse’ for their deaths Public mourning was held for the couple after the news of their death broke. Some more fans blamed the “Kennedy curse” for their deaths.

After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, John’s father and namesake, in 1963, then the assassination of John’s uncle Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, rumour had spread that the Kennedy family was ‘cursed’.Rumours circulated that the Kennedy family was being ‘cursed’ after the assassination in 1963 of John F. Kennedy (John’s father, and namesake), followed by the 1968 assassination in Washington of Robert F. Kennedy.

It was proved by a string of family tragedies that spanned decades. Many fans blamed the curse for John’s death and his beloved wife.

We know little about Lauren Bessette (the sister of Carolyn and third passenger on that plane)

Carolyn’s older sister Lauren was close to the younger Bessette, and she lived in Manhattan, New York City, until her death.

Lauren studied economics at a number of prestigious universities. She was a highly educated businesswoman who tried not to be like Carolyn, the dominating social butterfly.

Despite their differences in life, the sisters loved one another deeply. They spent a lot of time together and shared a love for fashion and the arts.

Lauren was a Hong Kong native who had worked for many years. It is understood that she was spending much of her time with Carolyn and John when they decided to go to Cape Cod.

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They would not arrive, unfortunately.

Their relationship had been the focus of media attention for many years. People were even more interested in them after their deaths.

John and Carolyn’s relationship has been retold time and again by the media in the decades that have passed since the plane crashed.

It’s important to remember that they weren’t all the lives lost on that fateful day. Lauren Bessette deserves as much respect.