The Final Season of Marvel’s What If…? Premieres on Disney+

We only have two episodes remaining for marvel’s what if and to know what exactly is happening in the final episode we don’t have to wait till the final episode cause the head writer of the series AC Bradley spoils a couple elements that are leading into it and it’s what most people figured it would be considering well everything we know really so let’s talk about it.

The Final Season of Marvel’s What If…? Premieres on Disney+

Marvel’s what if always had on interesting uphill battle opinion, First and foremost as a cartoon how do you get people interested that aren’t into cartoons and we’ve seen this everywhere and of course tying it into the main MCU was bound to turn some heads and interests some people but again how do you make a more impact story and what is the story going to be well in a recent interview with entertainment weekly the head writer AC Bradley talks a little bit about this approach aspect of it making the MCU multiverse canon to this version of the story and of course how this all ties together and in a surprising twist some details in regard to the final two episodes are revealed and specifically. The final episode and specifically what is going on and what the idea is and without going into too many quotes because there is a lot essentially what we’re going to see is that everything that is coming into play with Ultron and all the characters we’ve seen so far all the characters we’ve seen so far are going to factor into this final episode and the conclusion of the first season in a major way and reason that they decided to tell the stories that they did and build them up to where they’re meeting at the end is because it is a giant team-up it’s sort of designed in a certain way they said and once you see it all come together you will understand the major sorts of tension the major conclusion that they’re building up towards that can still be watched on its  own like any others episodes but if you watch episode 8 it does flow into episode 9.

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So even though episode 8 is standalone 9 is definitely picking up the pieces and bringing us to a conclusion if you will where you see everything that we’ve seen so far converge and pay off in an interesting way.

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