Why the Old Man Created the Squid Game?

Guy Hun the protagonist of squid game ultimately wins we were rooting for him he may not be the best player in the game nor the strongest but he wins because of the kindness in his heart and the luck of it all, Earlier on in the series he befriends the elderly gentleman oh illness he plays a huge role in the survival guy Hun and several of his teammates up until later in the show when he passes away.

The protagonist seong guy hunter kai hooner number 456 youngjae lee meets an old manor number is One Yeong suo at the start of the game as the game progresses a deep bond seems to develop between them however as with the other connection this almost father-son relationship is tested when the two of them are pitted against each other, If you are wondering whether the elderly gentleman dies in squid game we got you covered spoilers ahead yes the old man dies in the squid game.


The audience is introduced to the elderly gentleman at the same as the protagonist it is revealed that he has a brain tumor when the guy Hun criticizes him for participating in the game and not staying at his home eating the food that his daughter-in-law prepares and enjoying the company of his grandchildren the other man retorts by asking guy Hun whether his parents get to do all that player one quickly establishes himself as a resourceful player he is the first one to cross the line in the red light green light game ultimately his vote also decides whether the contestants will get to go home or not after the first game outside guy run runs into the player one who tells him that he is currently staying with a friend in the neighborhood as he has nowhere else to go as they share drinks on a particularly rainy evening player one reveals that he is going back to the game as he doesn’t have much time left anyway guy Hun and most of the others also comeback.

After the sugar honeycombs game players, one compliments guy Hun for his method which apparently the former copied and successfully finished the game, before tug of war guy Hun recruit’s player one for the team much to the dismay of cho sang woo or number 218.

However, player one’s suggestion proves to be pivotal on the team’s victory in that round even guy Hun becomes reluctant to partner with player one for the fourth game but eventually after presuming the player one will be killed if he isn’t in a team guy Hun picks him.

The fourth game turns out to be the marble in which they are forced to complete against each other guy Hun learns that the old man’s name is oh ill nan as player one starts to show signs of dementia g.i Hun tricks  him and wins the game as he leaves a gunshot is heard making him presume that illness is dead.

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However, in the season final after guy Hun has won the game and spent a year living as he used to he receives a card with similar markings as before he goes to the address printed on it and finds ilam bedridden and weak but not dead. Guy Hun soon learns the dilnam created the game so he and his uber wealthy clients can use to it bet against each other he told the truth when he said he was dying and wanted to participate in his own creation illness makes one last bet with guy Hun pointing at a man in the street outside in winter he tells guy Hun that no one will come to save the man before midnight he wants to show guy Hun that humanity doesn’t exist.

Beyond pretension, but someone does help the man outside and guy Hun turns to point it out to him illness already died despite this the game continues within Ho the front man in charge of it.