The Films That Travolta Has Worked In

John Travolta is an American male actor and singer. He rose to stardom during the seventies, playing the character of Hoke Colburn in the western film Easy Rider. In the eighties, he was again a hit, playing the comic role of Sylvester Stallone in Rocky. John Travolta has gone on to star in several more successful films and also wrote, produced and directed some of his own movies and also starred in some of the best known and most successful TV shows of the era.


One of Travolta’s first major roles was as an executioner in the movie Rocky. The film brought him into the public eye and also established him as one of the biggest and best leading men of his time. John Travolta loved his role so much that he went on to star in and produce the sequel to the film as well as the animated film John Travolta’s New Year’s Eve. It was not a great success but it did create a cult following. There have also been various other John Travolta movies and John Travolta shows that have managed to remain popular through the years.

One movie that had a huge impact on youngsters when it was first released was Rocky. It was an immediate success and grew to become one of the most successful movies of all time. Other films that have been given the green light for an interesting viewing include Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Come As You Are and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. In fact, it was the success of those Rocky movies that led to an entire generation of kids being introduced to the world of animation when Disney started the Disney cartoon series of the same name.


John Travolta’s first major role that he did not have much success with was Saturday Night Fever. This was one of his more forgettable films but it was certainly memorable and well worth the time. He plays Kevin McCallister, the football team quarterback at the University of Texas. The movie is about a young woman who gets so drunk one night that she ends up passing out and breaking out in a rash. It is one of those films that has a lot of comedy with it but at the same time is very entertaining.


There have also been some good serials that have been produced based on the life of John Travolta. One such series is the soap opera Days of Thunder. The series chronicles the life of John Travolta’s character over the span of a number of days. It is a great soap opera that gives the viewer a look into what life was like for John Travolta as he was growing up.

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A lot of John Travolta’s later work would be on television rather than films. One of them is the TV show Eight Hour Army. This was a series that ran for eight seasons and ended after one season. This TV show was a spinoff of the popular TV show Happy Days. This show also went very well, and it paved the way for a lot more TV shows to come. One of them is Californication, which was a spinoff of Californian Plus.


Finally, there is the film After Hours. This was an excellent film directed by David Fincher. It stars Michael Douglas as a psychiatrist who works at a counseling center for people with extreme cases of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It was later turned into a feature film. After Hours is definitely a great and interesting film.


John Travolta has been able to make many films that have been successful and popular. Some of those are ones that we are all familiar with, while others were actually made as stand-alone movies and never made into movies that we would watch again. Some of them have been winners and won awards, while others simply failed to entertain us. However, no matter which movie we choose, John Travolta’s name will always be on the list of performers that are known for their work.

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