Arnold Schwarzenegger Voice Over

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most famous actor in the world today. He is well known for his many films, but his most famous contribution to Hollywood is his role as the Governor of California. Known for his strong and iconic presence, Schwarzenegger has been nominated for an Academy Award thrice and has taken home the coveted award on more than one occasion. He is a constant topic of discussion in Hollywood, where his controversial and combative persona is widely admired.


Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in 1947 in Graz, Austria. A bright young boy, Schwarzenegger was obsessed with Star Wars and other movies as a child. He became fascinated by acting at a very early age and moved on to theater as a teenager. He excelled in drama at school, and later in the theater, but it was still movies that he would turn to when he wanted to be noticed. At the age of 16, Schwarzenegger went to live with his family in Switzerland where his mother passed away, and was surrounded by men his own age when he dropped out of school.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


It was here that Arnold Schwarzenegger learned that his path to stardom was about working hard and being dedicated. He earned a degree in chemistry at the university in Zurich and moved to Los Angeles after graduating. After two years in California, he went back to Switzerland to complete his degree. It was here that his career really began. He joined the cast of the movie version of James Bond and worked hard on the various roles until he landed his breakout role in the movie that is still popular to this day – Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Dr. Strangelove.


Later that decade, Arnold Schwarzenegger continued to work hard and expand his horizons. He decided to take on the world of politics and won the governorship of California as governor of the state in 1967. During this time period, he also starred in some successful films including the remake of The Damned United and the Gold Rush.


In the eighties, Arnold Schwarzenegger made another breakthrough with one of his most beloved films – 1984’s cult classic, Predator. This movie is widely considered to be one of the best examples of psychological thrillers and it remains a staple in the genre to this day. It tells the story of a group of Special Forces commandos who are sent on a mission to capture a group of Chinese terrorists who are believed to be using nuclear weapons to attack the United States. Arnold Schwarzenegger also starred in one other well-received movie during the era – the 1987 sci-fi film, The Terminator. He plays the gruff, John Rambo, who is sent on a mission with the assistance of a boy who has been chosen to go into a military training camp with him.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger went on to star in one more futuristic film – the sequel to Robocop. He played the robot master, Marcus Aurelio (Schwarzenegger had also previously done some voice work for this film) and the film did very well at the box office. Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to his action role in the follow up to Robocop, the next film to be produced by Universal studios. This time, he plays a Chinese official who is stationed at a U.S. base where he tries to help the authorities to apprehend a group of radicals who planned to hijack an airplane and shoot down an American warship.


Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to his role as the Governor of California in the following year’s edition of the hit movie Total Recall. The film was well received by critics and audiences alike and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. Though Schwarzenegger was not nominated for Best Actor in the categories, he did win the Oscar for his role as Governor. He has also since gone on to play the role of President in several other Schwarzenegger films including the reboot of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie about him as the president.


Of all the incarnations of Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the most interesting of his career would have to be his voice over work. He has voiced the character of the head of the Yakuza in the Japanese film Yuendumad Zumawari, the leader of a powerful crime syndicate in Tokyo. He also provided the voice of Dr. Silasuders villain in the animated series Kung Mangarap Ka’soi. One of the more serious of his voice over work would have to be his work as the sheriff in the television series Erasure. Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone on to voice other characters in films such as the Judge Dredd movie and the series Judge Jackie, and in fact, he voices the main character in the animated film Men In Black.

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