Morgan Freeman As an actor

Morgan Freeman is an American author, producer, and actor. In his most popular role as Nelson Mandela in the biopic The Godfather, he portrays a legendary leader of South Africa who inspired the resistance movement against Apartheid. Since that time, Morgan Freeman has gone on to star in many other award-winning films, produced by the Walt Disney Company, and has won several awards for his television programming. Now, he is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, making him the most paid actor by far in the entertainment business.


Morgan Freeman was born in Harlem, New York City. His childhood was spent growing up in the segregated southern neighborhood of Crown Heights. His father was a blind, disabled black man who suffered a serious accident while working as a bricklayer, earning just a fraction of what he could have earned had he been able to work in a white environment. Because of this, Morgan Freeman was often homeschooled by his mother, who would prepare him for his first lessons after moving out on her own after the birth of Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman

His early movies were either very expensive flops like The Nanny Within or highly successful and popular movies like A Time to Kill, but they largely ignored him. It wasn’t until The Bigelow Years that Morgan Freeman finally became a major name in mainstream Hollywood. His first two features, The Thin Red Line and A Time to Kill helped him secure acting contracts, but it was The Nanny Within that solidified his reputation and led to his first Oscar win.


Though Morgan Freeman’s name is synonymous with quality films, like A Time to Kill, it must also be understood that he isn’t exactly the most talented actor out there. He does, however, have a unique and charming voice, which makes even the staunchest of critics admit that his performance is very believable and convincing. There is no doubt that Morgan Freeman has definitely come a long way from his days on the stage or television, and many are already looking forward to his many projects thereafter.


One of the most interesting things about Morgan Freeman is how successful his movies are at the box office. No matter what genre they fall under (the classic romantic comedy or the thriller fable), they always manage to rake in huge amounts of money. And with each new release, Morgan Freeman adds another feather to his hat, like another brilliant starring role in one of his movies or another.

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In between his acting career, Morgan Freeman has written several best-selling books, such as Why We Want You and American Gods. But one of his most well-known novels, I Walked With Dogs, did not receive an Oscar nomination. This is perhaps in some ways befitting to the stature of a great artist like him who has achieved great success in both realms. While Age of Empire was not nominated for an Oscar, it did win the Golden Globe for Best Writing and Original Score. Surely this was a far more deserving win than some of the competition.


Morgan Freeman’s association with films goes beyond just the age of empire. He is an avowed fan of Hollywood, calling it his greatest area of interest. The last three films that he has been involved in, which were all produced by Disney, are: The Nutcracker, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. It is safe to say that for any fan of film no matter their age or gender, they would certainly add these three films to their collection, which even now is growing in size.


Of course, it would not be an appropriate set up to mention the more recent films that he has been involved in. This includes the reboot of The Mask, Cleopatra,  and the King of the Cats, which were recently released theatrically. These and other great films are sure to garner him much more honors and accolades in the years to come. We will simply have to wait and see.

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