The Batman is a much more complex character than the Batman of the DCEU. The director tackled the second year of Wayne’s career as the Bat of Gotham, a major departure from the character we’ve seen in the DCEU. He introduced a harder, older Batman, which helped differentiate Pattinson’s version of the character from past portrayals. While the director could’ve kept The Justice League in the DCEU as a prequel, many Batman fans believe that he’s made a better choice than a sequel or a prequel.

The DCEU has not been successful in creating strong connections with its characters. Producers have interfered with the productions and creative arguments have gotten in the way of getting a cohesive film. It has failed to generate much hype and has been plagued by creative arguments. The DCEU has not managed to establish any positive relationships between the different members of the franchise. Matt Reeves’ The Batman director has revealed why he didn’t want to connect his upcoming Batman movie with the DCEU.

Reeves says he doesn’t want to connect his new Batman movie to the DCEU. The director doesn’t want the character to be tethered to the Justice League and does not want to force the character into the DCEU. However, Reeves did acknowledge that he will be a part of the DCEU. He explained that he’d like to keep the film out of the DCEU but won’t make it “incompatible with” the other films.

Reeves has also expressed his disapproval of the DCEU and has explained why he decided to make his movie outside of the DCEU. He did this for two reasons. First, he wanted to avoid the potential of linking the film to the Justice League. Second, he didn’t want to fit his vision into the DCEU. So, he chose to make a standalone Batman movie.

As the DCEU grows in popularity, the need for a single Batman movie remains strong. As an independent movie, it’s not necessary to build up to the DCEU before the release of other films. It’s okay to be a solo film, but it’s best to avoid any connection that may compromise its quality. It’s a great film. You’ll be glad it’s not tied to the DCEU.

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Marvel and DC surprised many people by bringing comic book continuity to the movies. They’ve surpassed their own feat with their own multiverse, and are now building a multiverse for their film characters. This includes The Batman, as it will be a standalone story. A standalone Batman movie is a welcome change. The DCEU has more than a decade of history to cover, and there’s no doubt more to come.

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