The Flash Movie really needs a multiverse origin story, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A good one could present a compelling multiverse origin story, and the confusion over the previous titles might be forgiven. Let’s take a closer look. Here’s why. The new movie stars Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, and features the new character’s original comic book creator, Miles Morales.

It’s not clear which comic book character’s multiverse origin would be best. There are multiple possibilities, but we’ll go with the simplest: Venom. Venom was created by Knull and is the only superhero to be symbiotic. Venom and other symbiotic lifeforms could have originated in the same universal plane, and then ended up in different realities. Ultimately, the symbiotic relationship between Peter Parker and Venom is what has kept him alive throughout the years.

Creating an alternate multiverse for the Flash is a good idea. Despite Spider-Man’s abysmal multiverse origin, the DCEU has found recent success. But it’s not clear how these movies can live up to the legacy of Marvel, which has built an expansive universe of co-existing characters. That’s where a multiverse origin comes in.

Even though The Flash Movie Needs A Better Multiverse Origin Than Spider Man’s, a multiverse origin can add to its characters’ stories and develop Barry Allen’s character in a more interesting way. It’s an interesting way to introduce the new multiverse while still giving fans some character development for Barry Allen. The DCEU has the resources and talent to do so.

No Way Home did a good job introducing the multiverse concept, but it did a poor job explaining it. It treated it as if it were a standalone film. It doesn’t make sense to introduce a new multiverse if you’re not clear on its purpose. It’s best to make the multiverse more logically connected. It’s easier to create a better world if there are many different realities.

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No Way Home introduced the multiverse concept very simply. It didn’t explain the multiverse in any meaningful way, and its explanation was a magic spell. While this was an interesting concept, it’s not enough to justify a multiverse. It needs a better explanation. A multiverse origin is a more complex story that explains how it works. It can be explained in a meaningful way.

If it’s to be a multiverse origin, then it needs to make sure it includes an actual Black Spider-Man. The villains, after all, blew up the family of Spider-Man. The film should also give more time to the character’s origin. And there are plenty of people who don’t want to see Miles Morales as the Black version of Spider-Man, so he’s a good choice.

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