Artist Agt Design brings together Eric Bana, Edward Norton along with Mark Ruffalo for a Spider-Man No Way Home-style Hulk film with a fan-created poster

A brand new piece of fan art has brought together Eric Bana, Edward Norton along with Mark Ruffalo for a Spider-Man The Movie: The No Way home-style Hulk film on an official poster. Bana played the lead role in the 2003 film of Ang Lee, Hulk, while Norton’s The Incredible Hulk introduced the most powerful Avenger in the Marvel universe. Ruffalo took over the role previously held by Norton who became the character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Bruce Banner throughout many productions including the film of 2012, The Avengers.

While Ruffalo is now the most famous persona of Bruce Banner on-screen, there were many actors who have played Bruce Banner live-action. For instance, actors Bill Bixby and Lou Ferringo played Banner and his gamma-powered alter ego The Incredible Hulk, in a 1978 TV series as well as a number of TV films.

With the resurgence of fascination with superhero films in the 2000s, Lee attempted an Hulk film adaptation, in the year 2003. and he cast Bana. The sequel was later remade in to The Incredible Hulk after the first film received only a moderate reception. The problem was that, following the sequel, Norton quickly left the character in the role of Hulk due to differences in expectations within the studio which left Ruffalo to reprise the part as the Hulk in The Avengers. He has since reprised Hulk throughout The Infinity Saga and beyond. After the idea for the Multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe being revealed and Spider-Man There’s No Way Home bringing all live-action cinematic Spider-Men in a single screen in the very first time one fan has conceived what a multiverse Hulk film could be like.

Sharing the image on their Instagram account Digital creator and artist director Agt Design posted a fan-created poster for the Hulk film that features the three filmic Hulk actors. It’s called ” Hulk-Verse,” the poster showcases the of the three Bruce Banner actors alongside their respective Hulks. Three Banners will be joined by Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange and William Hurt’s General Thadeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, with a release date set for 2003. See Agt Designs’ art below.

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The actor’s HTML0 Banner appeared on screen in Shang-Chi as well as the Legend of the Ten Rings Post-credits scene that advised the most recent Avenger through his laboratory hologram, the character has been expected to introduce more gamma-powered characters in the MCU. Ruffalo will be seen as She-Hulk as a consultant to the character’s sister Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) in her struggle to balance her She-Hulk persona as a lawyer. Ruffalo as well as Maslany are joined by another character from the original MCU story, as the Abomination is scheduled to return following a short appearance as Shang-Chi as performed by Tim Roth as he reprises his role. Although he was astonished by the return of his character, Roth has praised both Ruffalo and Maslany prior to the series’ expected release in 2022.

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