Fans have speculated that Tom Cruise will play a variation of Iron Man in Doctor Strange 2. A photo of the actor in a motion capture suit was posted on social media by the digital artist Rahal Nejraoui under the handle rahalarts. It depicts Cruise sporting Tony-Stark-style facial hair and a slicked back hair. The rumors seem to be based on fan art, so we’ll have to wait and see!

While it’s hard to say whether or not Cruise will play Iron Man, a recent leak has raised the possibility that he may appear in the sequel. Several online sources have confirmed that Cruise will appear as an Iron-Man variant. The source of the leak has not been identified, but it is spreading like wildfire across the web. It’s important to note that the leak contains spoilers and may not be a genuine one.

The rumor has been around since the first film. Robert Downey Jr. replaced Cruise as the Iron-Man role, setting the tone for the MCU. But what if the rumors are true? A hazy leaked photo shows Cruise in a motion-capture suit, possibly as a variation of Tony Stark. The leaked photo was posted on Twitter by an account specializing in pop culture leaks.

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Another rumor is that Tom Cruise will be playing Iron Man in the sequel. The photo, however, is merely a test screening and cannot be taken as fact. The credibility of the photo is suspect. Regardless, the rumor is worth noting, as Cruise looks great with his trademark facial hair. The question is, will Tom Cruise play the part of Iron Man? The only way to find out is to watch the film.

While this news is only a rumor, it is still an exciting prospect for fans of Marvel Studios. The casting of Cruise isn’t confirmed, but the actor’s rumoured role will be a cameo for another character. While this information is unofficial, it’s worth noting that it’s just a hunch. Nonetheless, it’s a very interesting development, and it could be a big hit.

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There is a chance that the director will cast Tom Cruise as a Tony Stark variant of the character. The movie’s subtitle, meanwhile, is Into the Multiverse of Madness. While he won’t have a large role in the film, Cruise will be a huge star in the upcoming sequel. So will we see the rumor become reality? It’s worth noting that, as of yet, he’ll be in the same storyline as Downey Jr.