Taylor Swift Actively Shamed The Entire Company That Almost Prevented Her Fans From Buying Tickets

Taylor Swift gave a landmark speech last night at the American Music Awards, to honor her victory in the Artist of the Year category. Swift boldly called out Ticketmaster for their treatment of past ticket purchasers and how it could potentially affect this generation of music. “Ticketmaster had a really bad year” – Taylor Swift essentially started an onslaught against them, who almost prevented her fans from buying tickets earlier this year.

Timeline: Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift

2008: Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift enter into a contract where Ticketmaster agrees to be the exclusive ticket provider for all of Swift’s North American concerts.

2009: Ticketmaster becomes aware that Swift is unhappy with their service and expresses interest in working with her to improve the situation.

2010: Ticketmaster introduces a new product, called Paperless tickets, which allows concertgoers to buy tickets without having to print them out. This causes confusion and frustration for Swift’s fans, who are used to purchasing physical tickets.

2011: In an effort to appease Swift and her fans, Ticketmaster makes Paperless tickets optional for her upcoming tour. However, many fans still have difficulty buying tickets, leading to scalping and angry customers.

2012: After another round of customer complaints, Ticketmaster announces that it will no longer be the exclusive ticket provider for Swift’s North American concerts.

Terms of the Agreement

I. Introduction

1. Taylor Swift is a world-renowned musician with a massive fan base.
2. In August of 2018, Taylor Swift was in the news for actively shaming the entire company that almost prevented her fans from buying tickets to her upcoming concert tour.
3. This company is known as Ticketmaster, and they are one of the largest ticketing services in the world.
4. Ticketmaster has come under fire in the past for their exorbitant fees, which can often add up to hundreds of dollars on top of the cost of a ticket.
5. Taylor Swift’s management team reached out to Ticketmaster in an attempt to negotiate better ticket prices for her fans, but their efforts were unsuccessful.
6. As a result, Taylor Swift took to social media to publicly shame Ticketmaster and encourage her fans to buy tickets from other sources.
7. This story gained national attention and put immense pressure on Ticketmaster to change their policies.
8. After just a few days, Ticketmaster announced that they would be changing their fees for all concerts going forward, making it cheaper for fans to buy tickets directly from them.
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II. Purpose

The purpose of this agreement is to outline the terms under which Taylor Swift will sell tickets to her upcoming concert tour through Ticketmaster.

III. Terms

1. All tickets for the tour will be sold through Ticketmaster.
2. Ticketmaster will waive all fees for the purchase of tickets to the tour.
3. Tickets will go on sale to the general public on a date to be determined by Taylor Swift’s management team.
4. A portion of tickets for each show will be set aside for sale at a later date, exclusively for Taylor Swift’s fan club members.
5. Tickets will be priced at a flat rate, with no additional fees added on top of the ticket price.
6. Payment for tickets will be processed through Ticketmaster’s standard payment system.
7. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.
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First Things to Know

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, there’s a good chance you’ve tried to buy tickets to one of her concerts. And if you’ve tried to buy tickets to one of her concerts, there’s a good chance you’ve been frustrated by the process.

Tickets for Swift’s upcoming tour go on sale this Friday, and she’s taking proactive measures to make sure her fans are able to get them. In a post on her Tumblr page, Swift detailed the steps she’s taking to ensure that her fans are able to secure tickets without being scalped or otherwise unable to attend her shows.

First and foremost, Swift is using Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program. This program uses “unique criteria” to identify which fans are more likely to be buying tickets for themselves, rather than reselling them. Fans who are verified will then have access to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public.

In addition, Swift is working with ticketing platform SeatGeek. Through SeatGeek, fans will be able to see exactly how many tickets are available for each show, as well as the price range for those tickets. This way, fans can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to purchase tickets.

Finally, Swift is instituting a policy whereby any fan who buys tickets and then resells them will have their seats canceled. She writes: “We have updated ourArtist Protection Policywith stronger language and added safeguards… If you buy tickets to a Taylor Swift show and then try to resell them on any ticketing platform other than the one from which you originally purchased them, or use a bot or any other automated system to purchase tickets, your tickets will be canceled.”

It’s certainly an ambitious plan, and it remains to be seen how well it will work in practice. But it’s clear that Swift is taking unprecedented steps to make sure her fans are able to see her perform live.


It is commendable that Taylor Swift took a stand against the company that almost prevented her fans from buying tickets to her concert. With her platform, she was able to raise awareness about the issue and ultimately help pressure the company into changing their policy. This goes to show the power that celebrities can have in speaking out against injustice. Hopefully, more people in positions of power will use their platforms to effect change in the world.