Tennessee's Ben Joyce Throws Fastest Pitch in College Baseball History

Tennessees Ben Joyce throws fastest pitch in college baseball history

The Tennessee Vols have a new record after freshman pitcher Ben Joyce threw the fastest pitch in college baseball history. The freshman has been throwing ridiculous heat all season, including nasty off-speed pitches. The speedy pitcher has a reputation for creating uncomfortable at-bats for opposing hitters. So, how does Joyce accomplish such an incredible feat? Well, let’s find out!

Earlier this week, Tennessee’s Ben Joyce threw a 105.5-mph fastball against Auburn. The pitch was the fastest ever recorded by a college baseball pitcher. The pitch clocked in at 105.5 mph, according to the Vols’ Yakkertech radar system. It was called a ball and Joyce was credited with the victory. The ball left the pitcher’s strike zone, but Joyce maintained control to deliver the fastball. Despite the fast speed, the Vols were still able to win the game, as Joyce’s pitch was the game-winning pitch.

The moment was captured by multiple cameras as Joyce threw his fastball from the right field bullpen. At the time, Tennessee’s mighty offense was stalled in the 10th inning, and Kentucky had runners on first and second with two outs. Hunter Jump was at the plate. As Joyce made his entrance, cameras panned the stadium. As Joyce delivered, the grandstand began to quiet.

In the same game, the Vols’ Ben Joyce threw his fastest pitch in college baseball history. Earlier this season, Joyce threw two-hundred-mph fastballs against Auburn. Those pitches were clocked at 105.5 mph. On top of that, Joyce also threw a 91-mph changeup. While the fastball is impressive on its own, it is a more effective pitch in college baseball than the patented fastballs.

After pitching to a batter in the bottom of the sixth, Joyce retired all but one Auburn batter. During his first high leverage situation of the season, Joyce retired 16 batters. He struck out 15 batters, but still managed to record the fastest pitch in college baseball history. After that, he induced a double play and a flyout, and he won the game against Auburn. Joyce is credited with a major accomplishment for college baseball.

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While Jacob deGrom is a top contender for the Cy Young and NL MVP, he is currently sidelined with inflammation in his throwing arm. That means baseball fans will have to look elsewhere for fast-throwing pitchers. Thankfully, the baseball world will have a new fast-throwing pitcher starting in 2022. In the meantime, we’ll be able to enjoy the whirlwind of college baseball.