Eight Catcher Situations to Watch in Top-400 Fantasy Baseball Prospects For Dynasty Leagues

Fantasy baseball prospects Eight catcher situations to watch

There are many reasons to consider Tyler Soderstrom, a top fantasy prospect who projects to move to first base. He has plus raw power and all-star upside. He was one of the more impressive bats in the 2020 draft class and showed plus raw power in 2021. Soderstrom’s platoon splits will remain unimportant in fantasy baseball. He is also a free agent after the 2022 season.

While a high walk rate and limited starting time may limit his fantasy baseball value, he is a solid No. 2 starter. His injury history makes him a top fantasy prospect, so he’s still worth a look. However, rookie status shouldn’t discourage you from taking him. He has a lot to prove at the major league level and still has time to develop. However, he is already in the top 30 and is a good value despite being a rookie.

Ivan Herrera: In the near future, Herrera will take over St. Louis. He has solid power but contact and strikeout issues. If he can improve, he could be a Mike Zunino 2.0. Lastly, Jefero Quero, Antonio Gomez, Bryan Lavastida, and Logan O-Hoppe all could rise in fantasy baseball. These are just a few of the many catcher situations to watch.

Atop the Baltimore Orioles’ prospect list, Adley Rutschman has the potential to become one of the best catching prospects in fantasy baseball in a few years. In 123 games, Rutschman has shown plus power and plus hit tool, combined with a veteran approach. His 14.5% walk rate is an added bonus. And, his price is incredibly cheap for his upside. That means he’s a top-five Fantasy Baseball prospect in a few years.

Harry Ford: The Mariners selected this player with the 12th overall pick. He has a lofty offensive profile and can even move from the backstop position. At five-ten and 200 pounds, Ford has excellent athleticism and plus speed. He should be able to impact the Mariners someday if his offensive skills develop. In addition to good defensive skills, Ford’s bat will continue to develop, meaning he has the potential to hit minor league pitching.

Didi Gregorius is no longer a great option at shortstop. Josh Jung, who was selected seven picks after him in 2013, has demonstrated his offensive potential in the minors. In 78 games with Double-A and Triple-A, Jung showed great bat skills and played stellar defense at the hot corner. Besides that, he showed off his power in the Olympics, which is always a plus.

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Oneil Cruz: Another intriguing catcher prospect is a Dominican player who is trying to play shortstop but has a natural fit in right field. With a powerful arm and solid bat-to-ball ability, he should project as a middle-of-the-order hitter with plus power. While his power level is not on par with some other players, he has the potential to flirt with 30 home runs per season.