T-ara advertise comeback date after four- time hiatus, suckers say they will‘ save K-pop’

.T-ara is eventually back! The iconic alternate-gen girl group may have had several ups and campo back in the day, but they’re nothing if not flexible. The seven-member group has blazoned their comeback for April with a single named “ TIAMO” after four times since releasing”No. 9″ back in 2013.
The first teaser image was released through their sanctioned SNS accounts on March 31st, 2017 at many campo since debuting in 2009, but their extended-awaited return is still a major event.
T-ara’s agency MBK Entertainment posted on June 15 KST to advertise that T-ara would make their comeback with the song”I am So Sick” on July 1. The news came as a surprise to numerous suckers, who enjoy but it looks like 2021 is their time. The group first debuted in 2009 and dominated the K-pop scene with viral successes likely-Poly’and‘ Cry Cry’. They got their first music show palm with their debut reader itself while‘Cry Cry’ outgunned Billboard for two weeks straight in 2011. T-ara also won several awards-Billboard Japan Music Awards, Gaon, GDA, and Seoul Music Awards. They also got mentioned at the Daily Reuterv Korea Power Celebrity list back to back in 2012 and 2013.

T-ara advertise comeback date after four- time hiatus, suckers say they will‘ save K-pop’
Despite their successful run, they faced numerous hurdles like dispersion desires and bullying rumors that were latterly debunked. T-ara ended up going on a hiatus in 2018. As they left their agency MBK, they had to face a trademark battle as the marker tried to trademark their name. Had the marker won, the girl group wouldn’t have been suitable for reuniting under the same name and performing their old songs credited to T-ara. Fortunately, they won the trademark battle during their four-time hiatus. T-ara first reunited for Chuseok 2020 and on the show‘ Ask Us Anything’in July 2021. They also blazoned an addict meeting which turns out was just a prelude to their forthcoming single.

Release date


T-ara’s new single which numerous believe to be a release of their coming reader will be out on November 15 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).


With a brand name like T-ara (pronounced as‘ laurel’) suckers always anticipated them to have fancy generalities for their comebacks. Still, they were disappointed, as they claimed that the girl group’s marker MBK did the bare minimum. And with T-ara eventually leaving their marker, as free agents, they’ve complete control over their releases and so have gone each out for their forthcoming reader. They’ve released two conception prints for their upcoming single.

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In one, they conduct their inner buckaroo as they’re seen dressed in leather outfits and buckaroo headdresses. In the alternate conception print, they look sharp in black speckled outfits sitting in a luxurious room.
‘T-ara is back’
Agitated suckers made tweets like, “ T-ARA IS BACK YOU GUYS THEY LOOK SO Precious,” “ Queens are BACK. T-ARA IS BACK TO CHANGE THE GAME AND SAVE KPOP,” and “ 2021 T-ara really out then doing everything they want to do.” Another addict added, “ Let me just cry in the corner. T-ara is back.” One addict reflected, “ Queen’s are you ready? gg! T-ARA IS COMING!!!”