After receiving a complaint, producers of the Broadway show “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” fired James Snyder. According to reports, he was suspended pending the results of a third-party investigation. After the investigation, he was formally dismissed from the show. Diane Davis, who plays Ginny Potter, will take a leave of absence and continue working on other projects.

It is not clear whether the safety inspections of the play were thorough enough, but based on the report by the New York State Department of Labor, the actor has been fired from his Broadway show. This follows a series of mishaps involving the show’s cast and crew. In August, stunt performer Brandon Rubendall fell from a five-degree incline and broke both wrists. A few months later, Christopher Tierney fell from a 30-foot platform in preview showings, breaking his skull and ribs. During one of the preview performances, he screamed a pre-recorded scream.

After the investigation, Spacey was immediately fired. The show’s producer, Paula Vogel, said that the allegations had no merit. He had been hired in 2011 as a backup actor. However, in September 2017, he was replaced by the actress and choreographer, Melissa McCarthy. After the investigation, his management and the Broadway show decided to fire the star, which triggered an international outcry.

The actors involved in the lawsuit argued that the allegations against Spacey were unsubstantial. They argued that the actor’s actions were not significant enough to affect the show’s success. After the appeals, a panel of three private arbitrators found in favor of the plaintiffs. They are now working on a legal settlement to settle the case. The case was filed on March 25, 2019.

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In addition to the star’s dismissal, the Broadway show also has been stricken by multiple incidents of mismanagement. The two actors, Natalie Mendoza and James Snyder, were injured by stage equipment. A stunt performer had her leg caught in a hydraulic stage lift, and a stunt performer sustained a concussion. After the scandal, the cast of the Broadway show began wondering whether the production was cursed.

The cast of the show was concerned about the safety of the show. They began to wonder whether the Broadway musical was cursed. But the show was not only a problem for the actors. A series of injuries occurred on the set. Some of the performers became ill. The Broadway production ended, and all of them had to quit the show. Aside from that, the actress was hurt in a traumatic accident.