Piers Morgan was not invited to an The Audience Adele concert event however he chose to critique the singer regardless which led to him receiving a lot of online criticism.

Adele recently unveiled her long-awaited new album 30 , and the singer celebrated the occasion by performing a special show on the London Palladium. It was the first time she performed live in a UK performance in nearly four years, and it was an absolute treat.

There were Adele’s loyal supporters, friends, family and even a few of her celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Dua Lipa, and Emma Thompson – but Morgan was not there.

Morgan bitterly tweeted, “If I was at this #AnAudienceWithAdele, I’d ask her two questions: 1) Does the unctuous sycophancy from your celebrity fans make you want to vomit? 2.) What makes you sing more precisely live than on your albums? This might be the reason why I was not invited.”

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Oh, Piers.

Fans immediately jumped on the chance to mock Morgan’s inability to receive an invitation to the party.

“You weren’t invited , you’re were a complete nobody! And now you’re off to trot and crawl beneath the stone that is yours,” wrote one user.