Anastasia Surmava and Alex Radcliffe have raised dating rumors following their appearance on Galley Talk together and sharing IG photos.

Rumors about the couple have been appearing on the internet since the beginning of last year. Just a few weeks after the last Bravo season ended The speculation hasn’t ceased.

While they did not appear in the same season Alex’s appearance was in season five – they appear to be cozy the social media platforms of Instagram and even cameras.

Do Anastasia and Alex in a relationship?

The truth is that Anastasia Alex and Anastasia Alex are actually very close friends. Although rumors of their friendship are out there, Alex humorously says their relationship is “toxic”.

Since they’re such great friends, they often make fun of people who ask whether they are an official member they haven’t ever had a romantic relationship or been involved.

The first time they were linked was in the month of December 2020 after Anastasia posted a photo that showed them hanging around, that was just as friends.

In a recent post on Alex’s IG post of the two of them at an event one fan inquired whether they’re two because they’d look “so cute”.

He replied: “we both are taken people/ she’s more manly than me.”

They’ve even tried to arrange one another dates!

What is Anastasia Surmava dating?

Anastasia has been dating Will Higginson, 30, who appeared on the show MIC..

The couple regularly post adorable photos of them on Instagram. They’re believed to have been together in January 2021 and have been on the internet since April.

Will He is born in South Africa but lives in London was a star in the E4 show “Made in Chelsea in the year 2020. He was a lover of Sophie Hermann and Olivia Bentley.

Anastasia recently revealed that she is “besties” with her mom. It appears that the man has moved out and is now in Vermont which is where she’s located.

Alex’s relationship status is explored

Alex is currently in an affair with a woman called Marissa Sweet.

From taking a stroll on the beach with each other to paddling, the couple seem to be extremely loved and content.

They’ve been sharing photos with each other through Instagram in September of 2021 therefore it appears that Alex and Marissa have become a recent trend!