An Austrian man got an unpleasant and unusual surprise on Monday morning when a snake bit his genitals as he was using the toilet.

The 65-year-old casualty felt “a ‘change’ in the space of private parts” around 6 a.m. not long after sitting on the latrine in his Graz home, as indicated by an official statement from nearby Austrian police. At the point when the man glanced in the latrine bowl to examine, he saw a pale skinned person python estimating more than 5-feet in length glancing back at him.

The snake had a place with his kid neighbor, a reptile aficionado whose close by loft additionally contained 10 different snakes and a gecko. Police said that it was not satisfactory how the snake had gotten away from its terrarium, however that it “potentially entered the latrine by means of the sewer framework.”

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The unnamed victim was transported to a nearby hospital where he was treated for what were described as “minor injuries.” Pythons are not venomous snakes, killing their prey with constriction instead. However, bites from the snakes can be extremely painful and carry additional risks because some of the animals may be disease carriers.

Police approached reptile master Werner Stangl to eliminate the snake after the gnawing episode occurred. Stangl revealed to Austrian paper Kronen Zeitung that safeguarding the snake from the latrine was a troublesome undertaking, particularly while taking consideration to try not to harm the python.

Crisis laborers were approached to leave the washroom before the latrine salvage activity occurred over apprehensions that vibrations could panic the snake. The reptile endeavored to oppose Stangl by straining its muscles and squeezing itself against the latrine. It was in the long run taken out prior to being wiped off and gotten back.

Specialists are examining the python’s proprietor, who was purportedly “stunned” by the occurrence, for potential careless attack charges. Albeit the choice was made to return the snake to its proprietor, nearby veterinary specialists could ultimately arrive at an alternate choice.