One person has claimed that their pet is a wildlife officer. However, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources claims it is not a pet; it is a wild African cat.

Kristine Frank was awoken by a serval last week, an exotic cat that is large and exotic, jumping into her bed. Her husband had left the door open, but she let the dog out to go outside.

David Frank joked that the story always starts with “the idiot husband left it open” whenever it is told.

“I hear a thump in the bed. She said that it sounded like something had landed on my bed.

“And then it jumps off my bed, and that’s when i was saying, “That’s not an ordinary house cat.”

She called her husband, who immediately locked eyes with the animal.

After the Franks had escaped from their bedroom, they discovered that they had locked their phones in the exact same room as the serval. They couldn’t dial for help.

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To get the cat out, the couple opened their back door and opened it onto their back porch. The couple managed to take a few photos of the cat leaving their home near the Capital City Country Club on Wednesday morning at 6:30 am.