In her Saturday Night Live hosting debut, Selena Gomez poked fun at her relationship status and her single status. She pointed out that Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson also met their partners on the show. Gomez even joked that she could take anyone as a boyfriend. However, her sarcastic quips seemed to strike a chord with fans.

The “SNL” host even reached out to Miley Cyrus for advice on dating. She politely declined the dating offers of several cast members, and said she will “see how the after-party goes” with Punkie Johnson. Gomez ended her monologue by leading the crowd in singing the Barney & Friends theme song. It was one of the highlights of her hosting gig.

Selena Gomez brought the giggles during her very first Saturday Night Live facilitating spell.

The vocalist, 29, facilitated the late-night improv show series throughout the end of the week, where she opened the show with a discourse that made fun of her relationship status.

“One explanation I’ve been exceptionally glad to have is on the grounds that I’m single,” Gomez said. “What’s more, I’ve heard SNL is an incredible spot to view as sentiment.”

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Taking note of how stars among any semblance of Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson met their soul mates thanks to the series, Gomez additionally playfully prodded that SNL united Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson.
The “Who Says” vocalist then, at that point, made sense of that she cares very little about dating applications, adding, “I simply need to put it out into the universe that I’m showing love. I might want to say that I’m searching for my perfect partner, yet now I will take anybody.”

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